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how to create dll?

Can anyone tell me how to use the SDK under msvc?
When i create a new dll-project, and klick "dependencies" the list is empty. ho wcan i add component_client and foobar200_sdk?

how to create dll?

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I'm not sure about MSVC6, but in MSVC.NET, you'll need to use the "add existing project" option to add the foobar2000_SDK and pfc projects to your "Solution".  Then set your plugin project to be dependent on both.  There is no "component_client" project.  You need to add the component_client.cpp file to your plugin project (not the solution; the actual plugin project).

how to create dll?

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You need to manually insert component_client.cpp file and SDK and PFC projects into your workspace, you can add projects with MSVC6 by right clicking on your workspace name and selecting 'Insert Project into Workspace...'. To add component_client.cpp right click on your project name and select 'Add Files to Project...'.


how to create dll?

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I have still the problem.

c:\projects\foo\pfc\string.h(14) : error C2501: 'mem_block_t' : missing storage-class or type specifiers

If you look inside pfc/string.h (mem_block_t<myChar> data;) you can see the file mem_block.h is not included, so it is unknown there.

Any suggestions?