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Title: tagging and fb2k (w/ foo_freedb)
Post by: schnittlich on 2003-10-01 13:29:13
in my continued search for an elegant single file lossless solution...

i have been experimenting quite a bit with the embedded cuesheet function of flac.  i use eac's "copy image and create cuesheet" feature.  then the flac frontend to compress the wav, embed the cuesheet, and apply replaygain.  flac strips out the individual track info from the cuesheet in the process, but keeps artist and album data and stores the replaygain info. 

with the newest version of fb2k, the file is imported in the database with the correct artist, album tags, and replaygain info, but no info for track names.

i then use the foo_freedb to fill in the missing track info and it works like a charm!  but, it only seems to put the info in the database, and does not write any data to the tag itself.

my question - is there a way to copy the data from the database into the actual file tag, therefore allowing file portability.  i have been reading through the archives and can't seem to find a definitive answer.  i believe that the file structure can support it (?vorbis?), but not sure how to accomplish.  is there another plugi that i am missing?