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Title: Foobar stop after album button
Post by: Phil75020 on 2021-11-14 13:23:45
Hi all,

I use Foobar with Darkone. I am very happy with the skin that I modify according to my needs. With Darkone there is a "Stop after current" button that allows you to stop playing at the end of the song by turning on a pictogram on the screen.

I'd like to do the same thing after playing an album. So I installed the composer "foo_stopafteralbum" that works perfectly and paired it with a button.

The button allows me to change state but I don't see if I've turned on or off the "stop after album" option.
Is there a way to know the status of the button and turn on a few pixels on the screen or to change the color of the font that describes the button? Or something else?

Thank you