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WavPack Hybrid broken on (Arch?) Linux

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Since the hashing process is completely independent from all codecs, it should be immune to such bugs. I have to say, while the bug is clearly audible in this instance, it's making me a bit paranoid. It's what prompted me to use caudec's hashing facility when testing file integrity.

Yeah, it's definitely safer to use a tool completely outside the encoding/decoding process to verify lossless integrity.

However, the new "verify" feature is almost as robust because it's implemented entirely in the command-line program (as opposed to libwavpack), and with any luck there won't be any more architecture bugs popping up... 

WavPack Hybrid broken on (Arch?) Linux

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Moreover, when asked to compute MD5 hashes, caudec will also compare them to the files' internal MD5 hash (FLAC, WavPack and TAK), if present, and report an error if the hashes don't match (which would indicate a serious bug). That should be able to satisfy any amount of paranoia.

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