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Help With WavPack Tagging

I am putting my CD collection to lossless WavPack, and I have a question about the tagging.

Is there any site that has a good tutorial on using the APE tags and what they mean. I went to and it explains a lot of the setting but I am still unsure of a few things.

Like in the EAC + WavPack setup guide this forum has

-h %s %d for recommended settings.

I know the -h = high quality but I'm a bit confused over the % signs. I see in that link to WavPack above that -d stands for delete source file but is that the same as %d? And since EAC has a check box to delete source file, does it matter? And I can't find what the %s means.

Now in the EAC = WavPack guide I also see the APE tags

"Artist=%a" -w "Title=%t" -w "Album=%g" -w "Year=%y" -w "Track=%n" -w "Genre=%m"

Now those are pretty self explanitory but I would like to add a comment which says EAC Secure Rip.

Can anyone tell me how to do that?

I have actually Googled around for a guide for APE tags, but I either get software like MP3Tag (which I have and works great, but I'm looking for command line tagging) or actual program with Tagging Apes like Gorillas

If anyone has a guide to what these APE tags mean or can direct me, I'd like to read up on that.

Thanks for you help

Help With WavPack Tagging

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"%s" and "%d" are EAC-specific parameters, referring to the source and destination files respectively. Usually, EAC encodes from temporary WAV files then deletes them.

To write a comment, add to the end of your WavPack command line:
Code: [Select]
-w "Comment=EAC Secure Rip"

APE tags require little description; they're freeform attribute/value pairs that aren't limited to common tags or values (so AnyTagName=AnyValue is equally valid, and implementable via wavpack.exe in the same way as the more common tags you have mentioned).

Help With WavPack Tagging

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Thanks for your help. I appreciate it much

Help With WavPack Tagging

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I have a tag-related question as well (hope you don't mind me borrowing your thread  ); is there tag-editing software out there that respects the charset and order of the APE tags in a wv file? MP3Tag is a powerful tagger but it does not allow me to write tag names (eg. Artist, Track, etc.) like I want, it forces the entire word to be uppercase, also I don't seem to have control over the order of the tags, I specifically encoded all my collection with a preferred order (Title, then Artist, then Album, then Track, then Genre and finally Date).

The main reason for this is that my player of choice (XMPlay) displays tags in the info window in the same order as how the command-line was written, so it would look ugly if this or that track ordered the tags differently as well as the occasional tag name being upper while the rest only have first character in uppercase.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Help With WavPack Tagging

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Well, I suppose the thread title is "Help With Wavpack Tagging"...

You could try Case's Tag. I'm pretty sure that it uses tag names as supplied, and would suspect that tags get written in command line order.

Gotta say though: XMPlay sounds pretty gay.
I'm on a horse.

Help With WavPack Tagging

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Not at all sure why it sounds "gay" to you (keyword being 'sounds'), but thanks for the suggestion.

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