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Wavpack Header and metadata parser

I'm looking for tool that parses the wavpack header and any metadata included in the begining of the file.

I've found WavPack Frontend which displays some of the information, but for example is does not display the block size.

I want to be able to confirm that our configuration of the wavpack packing process is correct. I'd like to be able to confirm noise shaping and hybrid compression settings (if possible)

thanks in advance

Wavpack Header and metadata parser

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I can recommend a few things. First, using the wvunpack command-line utility with the -ss option displays most of the easily available parameters. Also, if the -v option makes it all the way through a file without warnings or errors then it's most likely okay.

A while back I created a simple parser for WavPack files that checks for some common issues and displays some information about every block. It's old, but it seems to still work (and it could be expanded if needed). You can find the source here and it should be easy to compile for any OS.

BTW, there's no actual way to verify the noise shaping unless a .wvc file is created because that information is not required for lossy decoding and is stored in the correction file only.

If this is not sufficient, I would also be happy to test a few sample WavPack files to make sure that there are not any subtle issues with them or to verify something specific.

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