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Advanced search while browsing a server

Am I missing something in the app ?  I can’t search on my server. So far it works only for music stored  on the device.

Thanks for any hint.

Re: Advanced search while browsing a server

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This would either require actually indexing remote servers, which I don't think it does, or crawling the entire server every time you perform a search, which it also doesn't do.

Re: Advanced search while browsing a server

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Indeed, what about caching ? Maybe advanced search is too much. It would be nice to have at least simple search on Album/Artist/...  VLC and Mconnect are offering this.  BTW, I have no idea if upnp server protocol provides support for this.


Re: Advanced search while browsing a server

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Cache for how long? How would it know to check for new files? None of the supported protocols support sending notifications of changes, so it would still require periodic full scans.

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