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Recent Posts
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Freedb server ( working no more?
Last post by ernaniaroldo -
I completely removed and re-installed the latest version of foobar2000, however the server remains '' and when I click on "retrieve" server I get a network error message. Only 2 days ago the aforementioned server used to work fine. Now shall I  change it manually to "" as you indicate above? Please advise!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: iPod manager
Last post by goo.awayy.420 -
After transferring music files to my ipod, the output lists a bunch of files that have this error message after iPod Manager was finished transferring them. ("failed to add gapless data for file: error parsing file. file may be corrupt"). I listened to these songs on my iPod and they play fine. There is no audible corruption, and they appear to have transferred without issue. Is this just a bug or something? I really could not find ANY information on these errors. Does anyone know what this means? Are the files really corrupted? They play fine.

"failed to add gapless data for file: error parsing file. file may be corrupt"
Development - (fb2k) / Stereo Width DSP component
Last post by h1data -
HI. I am new to here.
I was looking for DSP components which narrow the width of panning and made one in the end.

As far as my guess, no dependency runtime or libraries are needed for components made only with SDK, aren't they?
Used Visual Studio 2022 and include "winres.h" instead of "afxres.h".
I'm glad if someone tries and let me know if it works.