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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by pqyt -
Hello pqyt and Others. Cans/mays add in window "Text Visualizer" streaks/strips with: slider playback and slider volume, add fadness/boldness to/for fonts .artist, .track; make window with frame "Text Visualizer" transparents, and add show via/through regular expressions what be (to) take .artist, .track from the filename? For example what be (to) take from file name (from “Artist - Title1”), Artist and title via/through regular expression "(.+) - (.+)".
The plugin uses HTML and a Chromium-based engine. Any styling and visualization can be done with CSS and Javascript. The same goes for regex. Javascript is your friend. Maybe another user with better CSS/Javascript skills can help you. And for full control have a look at foo_jscript_panel3.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / foo_tag_normalizer - Tag Normalizer
Last post by Just_Addict -
I probably need to direct this at you @Case.

I've searched hi and lo but search isn't my best friend...

Is there a topic for general recompile requests?

I'm asking because I found a recompile on for Tag Normalizer, and for the life of me can't find any thread dealing with this one. Since it was listed there I asdumed it would support Dark Mode (even though it's not mentioned on the overview page). The results dialog still comes up in Light Mode, I assume that's because it's not specifically mentioned to support Dark Mode.

At any rate, if there's a reason or need to update/recompile it again, could Dark Mode please be added?
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: HALAC (High Availability Lossless Audio Compression)
Last post by Hakan Abbas -
@Hakan Abbas
Please tell me the settings for foobar2000 convert.


Encoder: Custom
Encoder file: halac_encode.exe
Extension: .halac

Bit depth
Format is: Lossless
Highest BPS mode supported:

Option switches
compression ratio:
speed: Normal or Fast


I guess Foobar's Lossywav support is not complete. And it seems to remove the metadatas and then process them.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: HALAC (High Availability Lossless Audio Compression)
Last post by Hakan Abbas -
Could you release a new version with a "-high" argument which gets a bit higher compression ratio than default but 25-50% slower compression and decompression speed?
[attach type=image]30512[/attach]
The graph above shows the change of compression ratio since the first version of HALAC. HALAC is a speed-oriented study and the last thing I want to compromise on speed is. The lossless compression rate of audio data is really limited in most cases.

SQUEEZE CHART is an archive that also contains different types of music used in audio compression tests. It gives an idea in a general sense. Since the first version, there has been an improvement of about 1% in the compression ratio at the same speeds (encode has been slightly faster). At extremely high speeds, this is really not bad. Depending on the current situation, it is a little difficult to predict how much further progress can be made.

HIGH mode has been requested from different people before. I will focus on the compression ratio in later versions. Because I've already mentioned that there is a little more space in this regard.

I started to get interested in the compression ratio with version 0.2.6. However, I had to enter the Player and DLL topic in accordance with the incoming requests. Now, as soon as I have time, I am trying to complete the new dynamic library I have developed for HALAC in a flexible and error-free way. Changes are also made to the file structure and working style in accordance with incoming requests.
Can you post the new chart, please? With 0.2.8 and 0.2.9!

The difference between Version 0.2.8 and 0.2.9 is structural. Therefore, there is not much difference in terms of speed or compression rate. There may be some developments in this area after 0.3 version. In the meantime, the uncomplicated frame size is reduced from 1 MB to 512 kb.
General Audio / Re: Another audiophile "expert"
Last post by Palladium -
OMG... hopefully Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, HP, Huawei, IBM, Broadcom, PaloAlto, Brocade... etc. realize how bad their products are and get some professional advice from UpTone.  ;)
Not just that, but from what i know, if any of the claims they say were true that would mean that computers wouldnt work at all. I may be wrong tho.

The amount of analog EE that goes inside a modern CPU makes any digital audio transmission look like a kindergartener's first math lesson.
General Audio / Cutoff frequencies of lossy codecs
Last post by Klymins -
Hello. Firstly, I want to say that I was wanted to open this topic in the "Lossy audio compression" category but I could not do that because opening a topic in there without selecting a sub category is not possible and this topic is not about a specific audio codec.

I started to see that most lossy encoders are starting to give higher and higher cutoff frequencies for a given bitrate (for example, FhG vs Lame). This may sound attractive, but a higher cutoff frequency means more black space in the frequency area and this sounds horrible to me. (An ABX is not needed per TOS because this is not about quality, this is about "sound color".) For example, a FhG MP3Enc lowest quality encoded 16kbps 11025Hz mono MP3 is pretty good for me, but a FhG Fastencc and especially Lame encoded 16kbps 11025Hz mono MP3 is not very good because of the higher cutoffs. The same thing applies for (for example) FhG MP3Enc encoded 64kbps 44100Hz mono and Lame encoded 64kbps 44100Hz mono. (I can't give an ABX because all of these files are totally untransparent to me. Of course, this does not mean they are all bad.) Of course, very low cutoff points are not good too, but I think the modern encoders are giving too higher cutoff points than the sweet spot. For example, I think 24kbps is the lowest bitrate that makes sense with 11025Hz cutoffless MP3's. Why those modern encoders are giving higher and higher cutoff points every day?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: DSP Switcher issue
Last post by regor -
Will try removing the component, since I only used it to switch playlist locks which can be done with SMP too. Can not think of any other component doing that, and for sure no SMP script on my side is applying a DSP.

If don't see the problem anymore, will report it here. Thanks for the hints to both