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General Audio / Re: Equalise Volumes via dbPoweramp (-db) & wxMp3gain (+db) conversion
Last post by hmp -
That experiment shows a louder source file via ReplayGain.
And the poll shows Bass being the difference. Is bass more even compared to non-bass heavy tracks with EBU vs classic?
Semantics aside, wxmp3gain is considered lossless. Is foobar normalization lossless or not?
Other than that, are foobar changes reversible like wxmp3gain?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Backing up Foobar setup
Last post by Paaufo -
So yesterday my windows did an oopsie and I was forced to re-setup my foobar.
I thought I had already properly backed up my foobar settings, I made a copy of the "program files (x86)" folder, as well as the appdata folder and substituted them after installing foobar on the fresh windows install.

However doing so failed to fully restore my old settings and in the end I had to spend the better part of two days rebuilding from the ashes.

Just wanted to ask if you guys had any advice or tips on how to fully properly backup your foobar setup, because having to do it again is a real pain in the you know what...

Hi. The only problem I've encountered was when my backup was a bit old and something changed with a new Foobar release. Other than that backing up the %appdata/Foobar% folder should do it.

In case it helps: The name of this component is kind of irreverent but this has proved quite useful when I've had to recover my settings:

It requires minimal configuration (under Preferences: Advanced).

Cheers, mate.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Backing up Foobar setup
Last post by Le Croissant -
If installed in normal mode, you should never have to backup the folder from inside "program files (x86)"
Indeed. Now that I check on my fresh install of Foobar you are right. I had put my custom icons there, which I shouldn't have, but by default no custom files reside there.

If you want to try portable mode, associating files is easy enough - you just have to do them one type at a time. Right click a file in Explorer>open with>choose another app and browse for your portable foobar2000 executable.
Thanks for the tip! I had read on the download page that a portable install doesn't support file associations but I never actually tried for myself. I will go and do that right now! So I guess portable is the way to go. Thanks again!
General Audio / Re: Equalise Volumes via dbPoweramp (-db) & wxMp3gain (+db) conversion
Last post by Markuza97 -
Like I said, there are two different algorithms.
In theory, they should be equal, but in reality things will be different.
Check this picture below. They are normalized to -14 LUFS or 93 dB.
In the post above I said that -14 LUFS is equal to 93 dB.
So they should be equal, right? Wrong.

This is happening because for the top track I used new ReplayGain (EBU R128) and for the bottom track I used old ReplayGain (Classic).

You can configure which algorithm you want to use in foobar2000.

I created a poll not too long ago. You can find it HERE.
Most people switched to new algorithm.

The reason I said my posts above will be invalid is because you cannot compare the old algorithm (which is used by wxMP3gain) and new algorithm (which is used by default in foobar2000).

So why is foobar2000 showing dB scale instead of LUFS scale even when using new ReplayGain?
Because ReplayGain standard is very old. It is supported by many software and hardware players.
Their tags look like this: replaygain_track_gain and replaygain_track_peak.
Creating new tags makes no sense because support will be minimal.
Both the old and new algorithm are doing the same thing, they just work differently, so you might get different results.

Edit: I just tried your pink noise experiment Doug. Difference is huge.
General Audio / Re: Equalise Volumes via dbPoweramp (-db) & wxMp3gain (+db) conversion
Last post by DVDdoug -
I just did an experiment (I've done a similar experiment before) and it came-out very close...
I generated a (stereo) pink noise file with Audacity and exported it as MP3.
I ran ReplayGain in Winamp, which is old so I'm sure it uses the regular-old ReplayGain algorithm.
I checked the LUFS level with GoldWave.

ReplayGain adjustment is -1.66dB.   (The file is 1.66dB louder than 89dB.)
The LUFS is -12.13dB.   

If we reduce the LUFS by 1.66dB, that's -13.79dB.     Very close to the expected -14dB. 

Again, I'd expect every different music file to be different (because of the way the different algorithms treat the frequency content) but it should be close enough, especially considering that MP3Gain works in 1.5dB steps, so it could be "off" by up to 0.75dB, or 1.5dB if limited by clipping prevention.  
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