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Multimedia Device Not Showing Up (foo_upnp)
Hi there.

I'm using foo_upnp on Windows 10 and it's working fine for me, despite the fact it was discontinued (or so I read in its main thread).
I got one weird issue though and that's about the server function and its Multimedia Device Icon not showing up in Windows Explorer - This PC.
I had this issue since the first time I installed the plugin but it was only today I realized a weird fact: my DSL line went down for a couple of hours, so I had no connection to the internet and as long as my PC was basically offline, I could see foobar's icon in Explorer, with the the correct name (like "Music [MyPC]".
As soon as my router got the Internet back, foobar icon disappeared again from Explorer.

A couple of things to note:
1) I got a DLNA Server running on my home network (not the same PC I was talking about earlier) and its Icon always shows up in Explorer just fine.
2) I can browse and use foobar upnp just fine from Android, so the server gets discovered without issues on LAN devices.

Is there something I can do to fix this?