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General - (fb2k) / Re: Illegal filename characters replacement
Last post by Parole -
Actually, the context where you use the $replace() function is important. The same code
Code: [Select]
as a column replacement works, but it doesn’t in the Preferences / Display / Album art.

This is somewhat consistent with the wiki says that some characters are automatically replaced, but it appears that not all those characters are stolen in this particular setting.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Windows Smart Screen (Beta 9)
Last post by GeSomeone -
If you run into SmartScreen errors, you can alternatively use an other browser (like FireFox or Chrome). As far as I know they don't use SmartScreen and have an other site reputation scheme (Safe Browsing) which also has the advantage that it works "off-line" so URL's are not sent to Microsoft.
FLAC / Re: Replay Gain difference in FLAC Frontend and FB2k
Last post by Case -
Most important to me is which program, FLAC command line or Foobar2000 calculates the more accurate replaygain values that will yield a closer result to the target dB (in this case 89dB).
That can't be answered. How loud something sounds depends at least on playback equipment, playback volume and listener's ears.

But foobar2000 switched to the ITU-R BS.1770 loudness estimator because we found it to give better results. If you wish, you can make your own test. Switch your player to use Track Gain and play various tracks and see if one method gives steadier loudness than the other.
Audio Hardware / Re: Looking for a simple stereo DAC
Last post by jsrtheta -
I stand to be corrected, but back in the days of megabuck outboard DACs (Theta, EAD, ML, etc.), 2 Vrms was the standard, with some (like the original PS Audio Ultralink) hovering around 5 Vrms. And that's consumer grade. And the ART DI/O, an ADC/DAC pro piece that was subject of much worship, became popular with "audiophiles" to the point people were selling special cables with resistor networks to lower the output to a point consumer gear wouldn't go bananas.

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