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how to bypass wma's protection

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i think you guys are too mean/rude about WMA. not all people are 1337 enuff to know about other codecs/formats/software. ppl install Windows98/2K/XP & they see this WMA ripping method in WMP. some of them might go 2 MS site & read about it... see how good WMA is  & actually decide to use it.

later on they might learn about other formats & stuff. & then ask questions... like what has been done in this case.
everybody's a jerk. you, me, this jerk!

how to bypass wma's protection

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We all dislike wma, because it is inferior to mp3/mpc/ogg/aac and I would say even to speex 
So ofcourse we aren't going to say anything like "u Is c00l d00d 4 using wMa"

Anyway the only person who was really rude was madizone and he is banned.

The rest of us tried to helped and remarked that the person would be wise to use another format in the future.

So I think we are being very helpful, especially considering that this is the home of high quality digital audio compression on the net.
We could have said "You loser, get away from our 1337 board and go find help with those script kiddies".
But we did quite the opposite.

how to bypass wma's protection

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just one question...isn't it possible to encode files to wma without using this protection? I've got WMA9 and there is an option called "Copyprotect Music" or something like this...I thought if I don't mark this box it'll play on every would people be otherwise able to store those files on their portable mp3/wma player?
--alt-presets are there for a reason! These other switches DO NOT work better than it, trust me on this.
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how to bypass wma's protection

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yeah unchecking that option will make ur files unprotected, enabling them to be played on any machine or player.

salt28, dont get so defensive. i was searching the forums & i found some stuff similar to the "accusations" i made!
everybody's a jerk. you, me, this jerk!