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Topic: ATRAC3 (Sony MDLP) ACM codec. (Read 20101 times) previous topic - next topic
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ATRAC3 (Sony MDLP) ACM codec.

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ATRAC3 (Sony MDLP) ACM codec.

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You're right, it's better to compare ATRAC3 to MP3 CBR if it is only a CBR codec (I wasn't aware of this before). Alright, I made 3 test samples lowpassed at 15115 Hz - 15648 Hz (Lame's default lowpass width for 44.1 kHz) with GoldWave (using default steepness 5, I thought 20 was a bit too high, doesn't accurately represent Lame's lowpass I think).

fatboy.pac applaud.pac castanets.pac

Encoded to MP3 with Lame 3.90a7 --resample 44.1 -m j -b 128 --nspsytune --ns-bass -8 --athtype 2 -q 3 and decoded with Lame 3.90a7 --decode --decode-mp3delay 576 then resampled to 48 kHz with SSRC HP, no dithering:

fatboy-LAME-48khz.pac applaud-LAME-48khz.pac castanets-LAME-48khz.pac

Encoded to ATRAC3 132 kbps, stereo and resampled with SSRC HP, no dithering:

fatboy-ATRAC3-48khz.pac applaud-ATRAC3-48khz.pac castanets-ATRAC3-48khz.pac

Two notes, both pretty important I think:

1) I couldn't turn off Lame's default lowpass when encoding at 128 kbps (I didn't want to use -k because I'm not sure if this only disables the lowpass - it might disable other filters as well) so I used the original samples and used Lame's internal lowpass filter. This might give different results than using GoldWave's lowpass filter, so maybe new tests should be made for that.

2) I didn't specify -t upon encoding, so it might be that the VBR header (which is apparantly also added to CBR encodings) was tacked on the MP3 files. Lame should remove these from its own files upon decoding though, so there's probably no problem.

Also, I didn't add a highpass, because I don't know what Lame's default width for its highpass filter is (why did you want to use a highpass filter actually?)

It would be very nice if you could make encodings of the 3 already lowpassed samples to see how they stand up against the ACM codec (doesn't using the SPDIF output introduce jitter though?) It might very well be this codec doesn't accurately represent ATRAC3's real potency.

Btw, I didn't add results for the Radium codec this time, because I only have 4 kB free space on my provider's website now.  So I'll have to remove the samples sometime later (previous 3 samples were already removed) and then I can add Radium samples (though you can of course also make the encodings yourself if you wish - just use the 3 samples at the top). If you could show me some graphs for those samples that would be great!

ATRAC3 (Sony MDLP) ACM codec.

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I made encodes with the Radium codec (128 kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo [Joint stereo: MS]) and decoded them with lame --decode --decode-mp3delay 864 then resampled to 48 kHz with SSRC HP, no dithering:

fatboy-Radium-48khz.pac applaud-Radium-48khz.pac castanets-Radium-48khz.pac

These are up on my FTP - you can also get the rest of the samples there if you go to

Edit: and 6 Ogg versions, all encoded at 128 kbps (note though that fatboy came out much larger, because Ogg is inherently VBR) and decoded with the Winamp plugin Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder 1.16 with dithering disabled, resampled to 48 kHz with SSRC HP, no dithering:

fatboy-OggRC2-48khz.pac applaud-OggRC2-48khz.pac castanets-OggRC2-48khz.pac

fatboy-Ogg07102001-48khz.pac applaud-Ogg07102001-48khz.pac castanets-Ogg07102001-48khz.pac

RC2 is from the latest official release and 07102001 is the latest daily binary (development snapshot).

ATRAC3 (Sony MDLP) ACM codec.

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What is the installation procedure for ACM codecs on Win2K/XP?