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Album Art and (Re)Encoding

This is sort of a continuation of this thread.

I cannot get album art to display in a set of WMAs I have (using the picture metadata tag), but I'm convinced the problem lies with the file itself and not with WMP.  That is, essentially, my problem.  WMP will not display the album art for a select few of my files.  Using the Free Mp3 Wma Converter at, I re-encoded the WMA to their same settings, and voila!  The album art is displayed.  Problem is, I'm re-encoding a lossy format.  How much of a degradation is there, really?  Is it something noticeable?  Like a 3% fidelity loss?  Or is it just "technically" losing quality, while in realistic terms there is no practical loss?  This seems like a great, quick fix, but I'm afraid it will come back later to bite me in the butt.

Album Art and (Re)Encoding

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I recall seeing a thread somewhere around HA where someone did transcoded an MP3 100 times and found no audible difference. So technically, yes, you're committing a capital crime. But audibly, you probably couldn't tell the difference.

Refer to the original thread, I posted something there too that may help you without requiring you to transcode anything.
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