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What are some average conversion times?


I'm using Lame/Razor for the first time and something can't be right. A 4 minute wav file is now at 45 minutes, using fast standard. I'm using XP with a 2.0Gb P4 and 512 memory.

Is this how long it takes? What am I doing wrong? At this rate I'll never be able to convert a CD. Where am I going wrong?


What are some average conversion times?

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Hrmm.. with that option, and a sysetm of that speed you should be getting around 6-8x realtime.  Meaning that a 4 minute wav should take around 34 seconds to compress.

Can you post step by step what you are doing?  Maybe that'd give us enough information to figure out what the problem is.

What are some average conversion times?

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try changing the priority of razorlame to normal, or higher...
maybe help....
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