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Is safe if using slow standard?

Hi Dibrom,

I've read all the new posts, but am still confused...

I only use --alt-preset standard
I do not use --alt-preset fast standard

However, is it safe for me to use and
--alt-preset standard?  All the quality bugs mentioned only affected --alt-preset fast standard, right?

Yet when i did a file compare with a hex editor ( on two mp3s each made from the same .wav and line: --alt-preset standard, one from this lame.exe and one from winhex reported that there were 7 million differences!!!! But I thought ONLY --alt-preset fast standard was tweaked????

If not, was was changed then about --alt-preset standard in

I'm thinking of just staying with unless there are problems i don't know about...

Any help appreciated....
And happy holidays to all...

Is safe if using slow standard?

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The compile listed in the recommended compile section works fine with both --alt-preset standard and fast standard.  Quality due to issues mentioned in other threads are no longer a problem, and unless a new thread pops up, everything should be "fine".  I've completely eliminated the source of the problem listed in kye's thread.

As for using a hex editor to compare.  Things at compile time were slightly different this time, as well as other modifications made (The addition to the header) which should affect the hex offset I believe.  A simple compare isn't going to mean much.  There were no code changes at all to vbr-old or --alt-preset standard.

Is safe if using slow standard?

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OK I am a fool!

I must have misplaced one of my mp3 files....

I just did the tests all over again and you are vindicated Dibrom...

The decoded .wavs are identical... as checked with EAC.

So actually, if one only wishes to use --alt-preset standard then Lame 3.90 stable is good enough... though for --alt-preset fast standard Lame 3.90.2 is the way to go....

Thanks and sorry for the confusion...

Have a great Holiday!!!!