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mp3PRO vs MPC to Audio CD Question

I've been using MPC lately, but have wondered if it's really nessesary to use so high quality (insane preset). I was considering mp3PRO again (because of the filesize). Now mp3PRO sounds good enough for me, i'm not critically listening to the music I have encoded, so quality probably shouldn't be first priority. Then again, I want to have the option to create audio cds from my encoded collection. But since thats gonna be mp3PRO if I decide to switch, then I want to know if there's some analysis of the AVERAGE NON-CRITICAL listening person's ability to hear the difference between an mp3PRO sourced audio cd, and say an MPC-insane?

BTW: Is anyone able to select VBR in the Nero mp3PRO encoder ("registered" version)

mp3PRO vs MPC to Audio CD Question

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hmm.... first I would consider using a lower setting for mpc like standard.

I'm not sure about this but I think mp3pro is only for very low bitrates.

Maybe ogg should be considered.


mp3PRO vs MPC to Audio CD Question

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Yes, the highest bitrate currently for mp3Pro is 96kbps and I would suggest that the latest RC3 OggVorbis from:  will probably give you higher quality, even at 96kbps. Give it a try and see what you think.


mp3PRO vs MPC to Audio CD Question

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mpc -standard would provide you with quality even if you change your current audio setup...

Take me for instance: I bought a Klipsch 5.1 system and I ended erasing all my --r3mix mp3s  cute ain't it?

mpc -standard is guaranteed for 99% of the samples to provide you with transparency even on high-end audio equipment.

And mp3PRO sounds too artificial even for me (3 months ago I believed that Xing 160 VBR was CD quality).

You might try the latest OGG Vorbis of course, but don't go lower than 128kbps...

And the last thing: If you use mp3PRO I'd hate to be in your boots when you'll be able to hear pre-echo on fast transients (all types of hihats and cymbals). And just a warning... if you keep hanging around here you will

mp3PRO vs MPC to Audio CD Question

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Holy shit! Who's the billionaire that owns that setup?!