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Was Wav MP3 ?

hi all,

maybe someone of you is interested, when you get some wavs, or russian  CD, if it was burned from mp3s. My friend has idea how to detect that (through program, not running colledit or so:)
Ok, here is mail from him:

To make the program in ANSI C (probably from dist10 decoder) which can
determine if the WAV was MP3.

The main purpose:
The program should be able to recognize if some sound in WAVE format was
coded (in the past) with MP3 audio compression algorithms.

Solution (the main idea):
The MDCT coefficients in MP3 are quantized with
variable step. This can you see in MP3 Frame analyzer. Its possible to
compute MDCT coefficients again from WAV and use some heuristic algorithms
to make decision - if the MP3 was coded with MP3 algorithm. If it was MP3,
there are "gaps" in MDCT coefficients. The process of the transformation
must begin at the offset of the first MP3 frame (every encoder use
different offset). I have tested it on some cases (used MPx frame
analyzer) and seemed to be functional (but it wasn't deeply tested).

Unfortunately I haven't  time to implement it on my own. If there is the C
programmer (ANSI C), who is interested in this, please contact me

or Brano

[a href=''][/a]

Thanks for suggestions and help

Was Wav MP3 ?

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In short, a program that does guesswork as to whether the WAV was decoded from MP3, by analyzing the audio waveform?

Was Wav MP3 ?

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yes, exactly that - program ,which will analyse WAV and tells you, if it was decoded from MP3.

Was Wav MP3 ?

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