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Aud-X: Installation problems info

For those who had problems with installing Aud-X DirectShow decoder.
The problem was caused probably by not up to date elements of WinXP.
Please try to install the newest version of Internet Explorer. This should
end up in fixing the problem.
If this does not, please let me know.
With regard to the users requests, Aud-X DirectShow decoder has been modified, so now:
1) It does not conflict with FFDshow audio,
2) It does not conflict with AC3filter.
The new installation is available from:
MP3 5.1 []

Aud-X: Installation problems info

Reply #1
Now a completely new installation file  is available on:
All instalation problems should not occur anymore 
(i.e. for those who had: LoadLibrary ("") failed...)
MP3 5.1 []