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Which format is best?

This question has probably been asked several times here before, but I'll take a chance and ask:

I thinking of retireing good old lame and move on to anothner encoder. But which one of the new formats is best?

Here are my priorities:

Snd Quality:  70%
Enc speed  :  20%
Size            :  10%

And it has to be supported by both WinAmp and hopefully EAC!

Martin aka KillerOst;)

Which format is best?

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Especially since you didn't list hardware compatibility as a significant concern.

MPC certainly has the quality part taken care of, and is probably the fastest encoder around for the quality you get (15x realtime on an athlon 1400 with the latest encoder).  Size will be smaller (sometimes significantly so) than mp3 given similar quality levels.

MPC is supported via Winamp 2 and recently Winamp 3 as well as XMMS (Unix) and both EAC and CDex (the 2 best Windows rippers..) support converting straight to this format.

Command line encoders and decoders for both Windows and Linux are available.

Links to all the relevant information and programs related to this format can be found in the links section on the main page.

Which format is best?

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I consider myself close to being an audiophile.  I say close because true audiophiles would, or maybe should, not even consider something like compressing their precious music catalogues.  I've no problem with it as long as I can get very respectable results with a good compression ratio.

For me, MPC achieves this.  I hear no artifacts or annoying wishy-washy sounds from my most spacial music tracks.  With the latest versions of LAME, using the highest regarded commandline options, Dilbrom's included, I still got some of that wishy-washy sound.  That's very annoying to me.

Since I had to reencode my whole collection anyhow(long story not worth telling) I decided to see the alternatives to LAME. Monkey's Audio, a lossless compression scheme, sounds great but doesn't compress enough for me.  I then checked out MPC.

I now use MPC and will reecode my 800+ CD collection using it.

Which format is best?

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Originally posted by Dacs_IV
Since I had to reencode my whole collection anyhow(long story not worth telling)

Why don't you share it with us.

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Which format is best?

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I'dd like to share my collection too, but I dont want to upload it to some server... using morpheus, I already share it, and using audiogalaxy it is impossible to share mpc files... what a pitty...
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Which format is best?

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use winmx and you are done