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Looking for low-complexity audio codecs

I'm looking for codecs for a simple audio player component I'm working on for an embedded platform. Requirements include the following:
  • Output hardware: mono, 8-bit, 16 kHz to 32 kHz
  • Decoder complexity: Decoder must run in real time with 50% or less CPU load on an ARM7TDMI processor without FPU, clocked at 16.7 MHz. Encoder will run on fast PCs and does not have to run in real time.
  • Quality: I'm not very experienced with how lossy is too lossy in low-complexity psychoacoustic audio coding; I seek examples of several lossy codecs to evaluate with others on the team.
  • Data rate: Current codec under consideration, based on ADPCM techniques, uses ca. 73 kbps at 18157 Hz; I would prefer better compression.
  • Subject matter: Corpus of recordings contains some single instrument samples, some vocal samples, and some polyphonic recordings.  I understand that different codecs might work best for different types of recording.
  • Licensing: Encoder and decoder should be available as free software. Implementation must not require a royalty-bearing patent license.
What codecs should I consider first?