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How work best on MP2-Files?


(Due to new hardwre) I now record digital audio-files from my DVB-S card (Radio) as they are streamed: MP2, 16Bit, 48 KHz with 192 or 256.

Before this I recorded the same files, but via external sat-receiver with SP/DIF output. So they were *.Wav and I could work on them easily.

I need to:
1. Cut the files
2. normalize the files
3. burn them on Audio-CDs
4. encode them as MP3 (lame ape)

How should I do now in order to maintain the best quality?

Decode them to wave, work on them, encode as mp3?

If this is the best way, where to find a good MP2-Decoder? Is HeadAC3he (if it worked) a good choice?

Thanks in advance