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What sound effects this speech contains?


I am trying to make new co-driver voices to Richard Burns Rally -game, but I don't know how to re-produce the original sound effect(s).

The main problem is overall sound volume.
I can't hear my new sounds underneath everything else (car engine, tires, skid sounds, ...).

Of course, I can boost the volume, but there isn't much headroom if I don't want clipping (-3dBFS).
Game's original voices are clipped and I probably has to clip my files too, but when I tried that, the results are bad.

My new speech voices are downloaded from (text-to-speech generator) and the gender is female.
Game's original voices are male, but I don't think that matters.

I have tried high/lowpass filters, distorsion and compression.
Non of them seems to work.
It might be some kind of custom walkie-talkie -effect?

When I look spectrogram of the original files, these's seems to have much more "power" compared to my new voices.
But I'm not an expert of spectrogram's.

My tools are sox.exe and audacity.exe.
Sox.exe is better, because .cmd's are faster.

Any help?

Re: What sound effects this speech contains?

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Walkie-talkie effect in digital would be mostly bit-depth reduction (MUCH less than 8 bits) which also means clipping distortion and dynamics compression (gate might be worthwhile to remove noise between words), plus resampling as low as 8kHz.

Re: What sound effects this speech contains?

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This make it sound fairly similar:
Code: [Select]
sox custom.wav out.wav \
    rate 11025 \
    bass -40 150 bass -5 800 \
    treble 15 1000 \
    equalizer 1500 1000h 10 \
    equalizer 2900 800h -10 \
    contrast 100

Re: What sound effects this speech contains?

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Thank you very much.
It's close enough (vs original) and now I can distinguish the words.
Maybe little bit more volume, but I know how to do that.
Thanks again.