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user-components-x64 not detected

Hi guys,

I have 3 instances of fb2k - Two as portable ones (i.e., with "portable_mode_enabled" file in fb2k directory), and one classic installation of fb2k x64 beta, in "C:\Program Files\", which has its config in %appdata%.

But it's all not transparent for me. In that classic installation, I removed Masstagger via the UI (Preferences - Components). Now I noticed, it also disappeared in my portable installation. Not existing in its UI any more.

So I checked. I noticed, this portable instance has:

Code: [Select]


Masstagger is existing there: \user-components-x64\foo_masstag\foo_masstag.dll

But fb2k doesn't seem to read the user-components-x64\ folder at all. It only uses user-components\ - Why is that? ColumnsUI for instance is in both directories, but fb2k only sees it in user-components\

Maybe I'm using outdated, intermediate file system structure which was valid some beta versions ago?

Thx guys


Re: user-components-x64 not detected

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Aww, guys, my mistake. This portable instance has the x86 executable of fb2k.