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Hello, I have some WMA files and discovered that this textual info (title, author etc) in these files is not correct. Can I load such a WMA file (56 MBit) in my audio editor (Magix Music Cleaning Lab), and save it again as the same file, same bitrate, only with other text info in it? In Windows I see that the file size will increment with about 1KB. Would the sound quality remain the same?


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Or right click the file, choose properties, click the "summary" tab, click the advanced button and edit the info there.  (At least in WinXP.)


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You can play safer and use this tiny utility to change the attributes of a Windows Media file:

Thanks rjamorim, I tried the wma utility and discovered it won't edit the copyright field... Any option to overrule that blockade? Let me clarify that I am not doing anything illegal here. They are my own sound files, recorded in the field, mostly of animal sounds. So I own the copyrights, and I put that in the copyright field when I exported to wma from Magix software. However, now I wanted to add my domain name in this field...

Re-importing in Magix and exporting to the same (bitrate) file with altered text-info is not lossless. The file grows a little and it sounds less good.

So I have two alternatives - leave the copyright as is, or start all over from the original wav files - which will cost me a day or two. Any shortcut?

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Just wondering, if you have recorded the sounds yourself, why not just start over from the original PCM files, and put in the new copyright info ?