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Topic: WMA VBR better than LAME VBR? (Read 11640 times) previous topic - next topic
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WMA VBR better than LAME VBR?

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I find it interesting that maybe three days before the release of Roberto's test results, one could surmize the general consensus around here would be
"windows media audio SUCKS", "I would NEVER use M$ DRM CRAP" etc etc etc.

Now that WMA9 Pro faired so well in the test, it seems a few are now scrambling to figure out a way how to use this codec with their portables etc. My, how one test
can change a few minds.   
you will make mp3's for compatibility reasons.


WMA VBR better than LAME VBR?

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Well, that's one of the most important reasons of conducing listening tests

This one, for instance, was very valuable in proving wrong the notions that WMA always sucks and that MPC sucks for bitrates under 160kbps.