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WavPack option line


i am using exact audio copy v1.0 beta 3 August 29, 2011

i am using foobar2000 v1.3.3

i am currently using the command option line of

-w "Artist=%artist%" -w "Title=%title%"  -w "Album Title=%albumtitle%" -w "Year=%year%" -w "Track=%tracknr%" -w "Total Tracks=%numtracks%" -w "Genre=%genre%" -hh %source% %dest%

when eac does the compression, it leaves the album title field blank, and the number of tracks field blank.

it does however create 2 brand new fields at the end of the foobar screen called ALBUM TITLE and TOTAL TRACKS, with the correct information in them.

i must be doing something wrong on the command line for these 2 fields ?

is there a place that lists all the possible valid -w fields ?

thanks,  jimmy

WavPack option line

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i forgot to add - i am using wavpack 4.70.0

foobar can play the songs, so the compression works fine.

just missing some of the tags in the correct position.

WavPack option line

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WavPack uses APEv2 Tags.
Album Title should be Album and Total Tracks part of Track in the form Track/Total Tracks
See APE tag keys and EAC placeholders

Edit: Disc and Album Artist are not listed as APE tag keys but can be read by foobar2000
"Album Artist=%albumartist%"

WavPack option line

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i changed those 2 as you stated

i added the 2 that you mentioned

they all appear fine, now

and then i also tried to add composer and performer, since foobar is showing those fields on its metadata screen

nothing appeared in foobar in these 2 lines.  do i have it incorrect in my command line ?

or might there nothing be in those 2 fields on my cd ?

EAC will complain if it does not understand the command line.  and it did not complain.  whether i am doing it correctly though is a different question !!!

here is my line, at this point

-w "Artist=%artist%" -w "Title=%title%"  -w "Album=%albumtitle%" -w "Year=%year%" -w "Track=%tracknr%/%numtracks%" -w "Album Artist=%albumartist%"  -w "Disc=%cdnumber%/%totalcds%" -w "Genre=%genre%" -w "Composer=%composer%" -w "Performer=%albuminterpret%"  -hh %source% %dest%

WavPack option line

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Don't know if your metadata provider is supplying that info and filling the fields.

Looking at the top section of the EAC GUI some of the CD placeholders filled are
CD Title = %albumtitle%
CD Artist = %albumartist%
CD Performer = %albuminterpret%
CD Composer = %albumcomposer%

Looking at the Track section some of the Track placeholders filled are
Title = %title%
Artist = %artist%
Composer = %composer%

Even though you may have added them to the command-line, (when you look at the EAC GUI), any of these that are blank will be blank in foobar2000.

Note: %albuminterpret% (CD Performer) is used sometimes for the Album Artist tag instead of %albumartist% (CD Artist).

Edit: wording edit

WavPack option line

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well, i got the most important stuff.


btw, there is a field for me to choose the bit rate.

i put in the max of 1024.

on this current cd that i am playing around with, foobar says that the average bit rate was 560.

i am guessing that the higher the bit rate, the better the recording ?

so out of a max of 1024, i got 560 on this cd ?

it sounds real good on foobar, as far as i can hear.

i just got a new computer, so i am having to re-download all this stuff again, and put it right.

i guess that is why i never had the number of tracks correct, even on my old computer.

a difference between my old and new computer.

the new one takes longer to read the cd - probably twice as long - even though i have a solid state hard drive and much faster processor.

however, the compression on the old one took about as long as the read process - maybe about 15 seconds each.

the compression on the new computer is so fast that i cant see the compression screen, except for a quick blip.

so i went to -hh to get the maximum that i could, because it is still almost instantaneous.

this new computer has 2 dvd burners, whereas my old computer had cd drives.

from what the tech said, dvd burners is all that they put in the new computers - a second one only cost me $20 extra.

i guess they are so cheap that they dont bother with anything less.

but perhaps reading a cd drive is faster than when a cd is placed in a dvd burner drive ?

WavPack option line

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btw, there is a field for me to choose the bit rate.

That Bit rate setting doesn't matter here. Your command-line settings are in control.

i put in the max of 1024.
on this current cd that i am playing around with, foobar says that the average bit rate was 560.
i am guessing that the higher the bit rate, the better the recording ?
so out of a max of 1024, i got 560 on this cd ?

Your settings are lossless so that average bit rate is after compression. foobar2000 will decompress during playback so a standard CD rip will play at 1411 kbps.

If you need help with your hardware, you should really start a new topic.


WavPack option line

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thanks korth,

i just realized that there is a separate forum for wavpack lossless, which is what i am doing.

i did not even know that wavpack had a lossy format.

but i am guessing that nothing you have said so far makes any difference between the two ?

which would be the best forum to post my hardware questions in ?

WavPack option line

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hi korth,

i posted my hardware question in the audio hardware forum - that seemed like the most appropriate ?


WavPack option line

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btw, when i bring up a cd in eac, it shows the cd composer field and performer field at the top.

while i can type something in, they seem to always be blank.

so that is no fault of the compression routine.  and i suspect that if i had coded it incorrectly, it would have told me.

not really sure what is meant by those 2 fields, so i was hoping to see something in them.  but apparently, even the producers dont know what they mean !!

the only piece of info that i thought might be interesting is track composer, which i was taking to be the person who actually wrote the song ?

i think that is almost always on the cd or or artwork, or at least commonly so - cuz i know i have seen it many, MANY times before.

anyways, all of the important info is there for me to do my rips.

thanks again.