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Topic: Unpacking 32bit/192khz WV brings incorrect WAV Length (Read 4362 times) previous topic - next topic
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Unpacking 32bit/192khz WV brings incorrect WAV Length

Heh guys.
I got a 32bit/192khz WV and I tried all ways to unpack it via wvunpack. But now the prob ist that the all players say that the wav is only 15mins long, instead of 78min. AIMP says 192khz/~45000kpbs. 

I tried it also with Audition but the wavpackfilter ist wrong...shows only 31min of music.

Any Ideas how I can solve that problem? Wanna split and convert the wv to flac.


edit: I know what the problem ist...4gb limit of wav :|

trying wv to flac via dbpoweramp kicks the coreconverter  yea... suckz

Unpacking 32bit/192khz WV brings incorrect WAV Length

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There are several things you can try. First, perhaps the players (or converters) that you are trying have an option to ignore the length in the WAV header. WavPack, for example, has this (-i). Alternatively, you could use the -r option in wvunpack to output a raw file that might be more acceptable to another program (although you would have to tell it the data format).

Another idea would be to try the --skip and --until wvunpack options to extract only portions of the long WavPack file and then combine them later somehow. You could even manually do the splitting by tracks this way (although it would be tedious to calculate the exact cue points manually).

BTW, the next version of WavPack will have native support for CAF and W64 files and not have any size restrictions, so these WAV file limitations will become a thing of the past (at least with respect to WavPack).

Unpacking 32bit/192khz WV brings incorrect WAV Length

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Thx for the answer. Solved it in a different way. Just converted from wv to flac but I had to force the samplerate down to 96khz.

Maybe the raw method hat worked, I dont know 


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