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Title: Azrael 5.8 Mod | by kuzzzma
Post by: kuzzzma on 2021-04-15 14:12:38

Original release (https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php?topic=33450.0) – by Kian Andersen a.k.a. Neksus
Mod – by kuzzzma, published with permission from original author.

Azrael is a classic Columns_UI script which supports Mixed playlists with Single tracks, Full albums and Various Artists albums.
I've made a lot of changes when adapting it for my personal use with new columns_ui version and decided to share the result.
Feedback is most welcome.

Download: HERE (https://www.blog.private-universe.net/download/foobar2000-azrael-mod-by-kuzzzma-ver-1-0-playlist-only/)
This flc includes: colors & fonts, title scripts: album list, common & playlist.
It WON'T change your layout!

Documentation, themes screenshots, logic and options explained: HERE (https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2021/04/14/foobar2000-azrael-5-8-mod-by-kuzzzma/)

If someone wants my full layout - the download is avaiable on my website (https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2021/04/14/foobar2000-fresh-2021-config/) with full layout flc and all the relevant extras
Description for that is now only in Russian (translation will be added sometime soon), but screenshots are plentiful and explain everything in English.

Changes since Azrael 5.8
Rewrote theming:
- new theming logic
- option to use stripes or solid color for album tracklist
- more variables in themes
- some variables were renamed for easier theming
- fixed design lines in singles playlist
Optimized usage WITH NG Playlist Grouping and WITHOUT
Completely new columns logic (see documentation for detailed information)
New columns supporting BPM, Lyrics indicator, Enhanced Playback Statistics imported from last.fm
New Status Bar script
16 new themes

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