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Support - (fb2k) / Re: metadata from stream
Last post by aboabo -
thank you zeremy, I managed to get m-tags to work, and added a field STREAM_REVERSE, value 1.
To try it out I put your code in the Search Parameters of the Lyric Show 3 panel, but that doesn't reverse artist/title in the display (am not sure if only the display is unchanged, or also the search, doesn't find any lyrics anyhow but they play rather unknown music there so that might be the cause too).
I also use a Biography v1.2.0 panel (spidermonkey), which is mostly what I'd like to see the right metadata for, but I've no idea where to put your code to get that panel behave differently, it has a rather complicated options panel with nowhere any mention of %artist% or %title%
General Music Discussion / Is it OK to have a CD edition and download a copy of a original?
Last post by krafty -
Hello folks,

How are you?

My question is about being a collector and how this can suck big time, sometimes.

There you go.

For example,  I want "Depeche Mode - Violator CD."

The best sounding CD to me, is the original made in UK (CD Stumm 64). Then you have the USA version of this record, on CD, which has a different master: about 3 dB louder - and CD face sucks hard (very different from the UK, very silly decisions made by Sire Records). But then, now looking for the UK CD to buy, everything I find is:

- The CD is very very expensive and not 100% in mint condition.
- The CD is in quite good condition but even sealed some copies have spots of mold and foxing in sleeve.

So we have now releases and more releases of a new remaster done by 2006 (of this album) which is - to my opinion - inferior to the original. But going that way, the products are newer and packages are clean and neat. CDs are new and easier to find.

So this is where I ask whether one has to have the exact copy intended, or is it alright to own a remaster, for instance, and have a digital copy of the same record but different version (not LP, though). Count that the track listing is the same (I know there are cases in which it wouldn't be fair to own a reissue with more tracks). Or should one have the exact same original sounding record in hands?

I know this sounds pretty anal, but it's nearly impossible to meet some copies of old classics that are repressed and remastered "a million times".

Any ideas?

Thank you!

-- krafty
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: "Tested": codecs for the effect of stereo decorrelation (mid/side)
Last post by Porcus -
No, not "difference" as in difference signal - as difference in size.

What I did, was I split a stereo file file into a left channel file and a right channel file.
Compressed left channel file and right channel file. That is a safe way to get "dual mono" of the same audio.
Compressed the original file too, with the same setting.

Then a measure of how much use the encoder makes of channel correlation, is: how many percent does it gain when it can look at both?
A measure, but I didn't say it was a precise one. But FWIW I think it says something about the FLAC revision, about some WavPack settings - and, it suggests that OptimFrog's secret doesn't lie in exceptional handling of stereo, but rather in throwing heavy artillery at every signal.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: "Tested": codecs for the effect of stereo decorrelation (mid/side)
Last post by rutra80 -
Hmm the question is if codecs treat the difference as separate signal and compress it separately, or is it somehow used for predictors etc. If the latter, then I'm not sure if compressing the difference signal alone tells much - it's not music and predictors aren't tuned for it... It somehow resembles analysing lossy codecs by listening to difference signal...
MP3 / How to verify a new MP3 decoder
Last post by klimbim -
Hello everybody,

I've been writing an MPEG-1 MP3 decoder from scratch for fun and giggles and it's at a point where I can throw pretty much any MP3 at it except for free format.
Now I wonder how I can verify that it actually works according to spec. I had some trouble finding MP3s that make use of mixed mode blocks but also intensity stereo.
Do you know of some ressource or maybe a test suite?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: metadata from stream
Last post by zeremy -
With what component are you searching ?

My tip is the following workaround:

Use External tags or m-tags component to be able to write metadata to the stream url.

Create a field named STREAM_REVERSE and set its value to 1 (for a stream that has reverse artist - title metadata)

Use the following titleformat string wherever needed.

For %artist%
Code: [Select]
For %title%
Code: [Select]
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: "Tested": codecs for the effect of stereo decorrelation (mid/side)
Last post by Porcus -
ppm = "parts per million". 1/10k of a percentage point.

So for the biggest overall effect, WavPack -hhx4, the mono files are 624/1061 of WAV size, that is 58.8 percent; the stereo files are around 1.6 less, 57.2 percent of WAV size.

Here you got the same with different formatting, where mono filesizes are in percent of .wav, and where the differences are in percentage points:
mono compression2chdiff in pctptsCDDA rockhirez rockhirez jazz/cl.
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -8 --no-mid-side58.5%
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -8 -M58.5%0.551.230.310.19
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -858.5%0.651.350.440.23
FLAC  irls-2021-09-21 -559.0%0.661.370.450.24
FLAC 1.3.1 -860.2%0.791.360.820.27
FLAC 1.3.1 -560.7%0.831.400.870.27
WavPack -f62.0%0.471.200.310.00
WavPack default60.4%0.501.100.400.05
WavPack -hx159.1%0.581.630.200.02
WavPack -hhx458.8%1.581.812.300.67
Monkey's normal59.3%0.691.770.340.08
Monkey's insane58.6%0.691.690.400.10
TAK -p258.0%0.691.800.270.12
TAK -p4m57.4%0.741.850.340.17
OFR --preset 257.1%0.651.730.180.15
OFR --preset 1056.4%0.761.870.370.16
It may be surprising to see WavPack -hhx4 not out-compress FLAC, but that is because most of the corpus is high sample rate where WavPack doesn't shine as much and where the new FLAC beta improves a lot.
WAV file sizes:
CDDA rock: 3.05 GB (5h09min)
hirez rock: 3.4 GB (1h47)
hirez jazz/cl.: 3.4 GB (1h46)