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General Audio / Re: Album Art Downloader XUI
Last post by Fiatt -
Hi there. Thanks for this great app. It works great but the discogs script do'nt appear on the list on the left side.
When i clic on the "get more scripts" button, it still appears again and again (v0.19). But the boo file is inside the scripts folder with all the others.

To understand what is going wrong, i 've let only the file inside the folder. Here is the log:

Code: [Select]
Searching for scripts...
Found 1 files: []...
Loading references: [System.Web.Extensions]...
Compiling scripts...,8): error BCE0021: Namespace 'util' not found, maybe you forgot to add an assembly reference?

Error inside the script?

Thanks for help.
Support - (fb2k) / Save Settings (foobar2000 v1.4)
Last post by seriousstas -
1 Save position (after offset) of the Status window for the Media Library
I move the window (to SEE on the 7` monitor), but the position is not saved.
2 Save last selected window after reboot.
Сhoose for example Madia Library, but after restarting the player - again, "Component"...

Please add this capability
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Foo random pools setup folders or songs by rating
Last post by xproplayer -
I'm trying to use random pools for a quick and simple way to add music to my playlist where my favorite music has the highest priority, and then other folders / ratings have a lower chance. such as a 1 in 5 chance to play a song from one folder / rating, a 1 in 3 for another, and a 1 in 2 for the last. I can't figure this component out though and the documentation isn't helping. Any chance someone could point me in the right direction here?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Local Video Player (foo_video)
Last post by fynxgloire -
Thank you for this update! The frame no longer resizes--and keeping the image window open was a great improvement!

A small suggestion--is it possible to remove the top bar from the video window? The one that has the Chimera(EVR) and the minimize/maximize/close buttons.

Thanks again :)

can u tell me how did you get the list of videos to show in foobar?
Do I have to do a drag and drop or can't I select a video directory to select all the files and show them in the foobar GUI?

WavPack / Re: (Nitpick) Future WavPack update - display 32-bit float in file properties
Last post by bryant -
WavPack does not truncate that information because if it did then the player would not be able to correctly render the audio (which Foobar obviously does).

The WavPack decoder will not convert floating-point PCM to integer in any circumstance, so the only way for Foobar to be rendering the files correctly is that it knows the format.

I did verify that Foobar does show whether WAV files are float or integer (like you say), so it should be pretty easy for it to display the same thing for WavPack files.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Linux Port
Last post by paregistrase -
So the tone is not absolutely necessary,
If you aren't interested in the subjet is not necessary tring to start the typical flame war.

You are not a moderator, so it's your tone that is not acceptable.  People here can and will question validity of arguments.

So I can and will question your lack of arguments.

I also have the right too I hope.

Until a moderator will say the opposite.

If you have something on topic you're welcome, otherwise this unpleasant exchanget is, by my side, over

General Audio / Re: Strange frequency spike near 18kHz in song
Last post by blurry_light -
Could also be an intraterestrial signal, probably from Vega.


If that's in hihat, it may be sample-based, and the sample could be recorded in times when CRT-monitors were in use and they often had ~16kHz vertical refresh rate affecting the recordings. That sample if transposed up a lil would also transpose up the recorded CRT interference to ~18kHz.
Or if that hihat is procedural/synth-based, the algorithms may happen to generate top content at that frequency.

Hm, that's an interesting analysis. I suppose it could be plausible.

without 3d image (which would have also time dimension; so called spectrogram) it's hard to tell.
but tonal noises starting from ~15 kHz and above are a pretty common kind of recording defects.
this is somehow a thing even now, when CRT are almost extinct. perhaps it's enough to have a CRT nearby even if not directly visible

Hm, I hadn't thought of doing a 3D spectrogram; I wonder if I can do something with GNU Octave.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Only Windows Media Player can RIP CDs: "Could not access any of found CD drive"
Last post by redtownsend -
"Native Win32" interface is the selected and the only one available.  The other two are grey and not select-able.

EAC does not throw the "could not access CD drive" error and rips the CD (except for disk read errors)

Not using using Remote Desktop (RDP).

Rebooted after installing EAC (which RIPs OK), but Foobar2000 still throws the "Could not access any of found CD drive" error. 
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