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Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by kode54 -
But your plugin only allows up to 96k sample rate, so disqualified.
Not only that, but it renders at 16 bit precision, always, so it's not really hi-res, either.
Once upon a time, it was possible to peek at the service which picks which tracks play next. At the same time, there was no shuffle functionality, so I had to implement it as a third party component. That changed with the 0.9 release, which closed the service loophole, and bundled a different but still functional shuffle functionality.

It sounds like it could still be valuable to predict tracks that will play next, to a limit, since these services are really only designed to pick out the exact next track that will play, and there's no telling how much work one of them would have to process to calculate multiple tracks ahead.

(Technically, the stock shuffler does predict the entire playlist ahead of time, but this is not guaranteed to be the case, what with a private service and all.)
Sounds like a feature request.
FLAC / Re: "output directory is not writable"
Last post by cxmpxsxd -
Oddly enough I had been having the same issue with XLD (thought it might be because I had replaced my optical drive with an 2nd HD and permissions might beguile) but "Use temporary folder, then move to the destination" box hadn't been selected. Good luck!
Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by Foobar3030 -
Many thanks for your help, guys.  :D
I think queue_index is still completely useless. It appears to only be set for items that have been explicitly added to the playback queue (I do that about once a year.) It isn't properly set for items that are queued by default. At the very least, queue_index should always be 1 for the item that will play next if playback is stopped. The ability to differentiate the next item to play was an important capability of Winamp from the earliest days, but cannot yet be done in Foobar2000. :-X
WavPack / Re: How about multi-threaded wvunpack?
Last post by Funk -
Too few people use Wavpack to encode 10MHz data, I suppose...  ;)
LOL, yes. There has been extremely good sporadic E radio reception ( this summer and I have saved files of several hundreds of gigabytes compressed to 56-85% reduction of their original sizes thanks to WavPack. Yes some of the files are 15% of their original size. I have begun to make Autohotkey scripts to decode different parts of the files in different threads and then combine them with sox. It is a lot faster than to decode in one thread but it needs a lot of disk space for the temporary wav files.
Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by bennetng -
Most of the chip formats supported by foo_gep low pass filter at hard configured rates, depending on the sample rate and on the console being emulated.
You made it so you must know it :))
SQNY approved hi-res HES attached. 7z compressed better than flac for this file.
But your plugin only allows up to 96k sample rate, so disqualified.
I use foobar2000 in portable mode. Before I attempt any important change, I always save the configuration first and than make a back up copy of the whole foobar2000 folder, If I mess things up I know I can simply trash the whole installation folder and replace it with the back up. It's not a big deal, I'm actually used to it, but it would be much simpler if there were a menu command to restore the last saved configuration. There's a hidden command in the file menu which resets the default configuration, but isn't there a way to revert only the unsaved changes?
Listening Tests / Re: 192kHz Samples -- But Not Really?
Last post by eric.w -
Here is a way to simulate having ultrasonic hearing with extreme sample rate tracks: (I just downloaded "Vision of Her" in 24/88 FLAC from )

sox original.wav shifted.wav pitch -2400 sinc 5k

This pitch-shifts down by 2 octaves (2400 cents), then applies a highpass filter at 5kHz.  So, the 20-40kHz range is shifted down one octave to 10-20kHz, then another octave to 5-10kHz.  The highpass filter at 5kHz then cuts off everything that was below 20kHz in the original recording.

More fun (?) than staring at Spek spectrograms and wondering what the ultrasonics might sound like if you could hear them.