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Ethernet/Sd card as sources

My current setup is a Galaxy S5 Andriod phone's microSD 128GB card (holding some 100GB FLACs) via Poweramp app or BBC Radio Player app to Google Chromecast Audio dongle, via home wifi and TOS link cable, to Cambridge Audio DAC to Cambridge Audio A500 intergrated amp. Output to speakers or headphones.

I then control all my listening from my phone. Except for the volume control on the A500 which I used to control via a Cambridge remote. Problem volume control motor cogs stripped; what will break next? Maybe I could get motor repaired; haven't checked with local Cambridge dealer yet.

However maybe I could/should replace the A500 with a modern receiver with a readily accessible ethernet* cable and the micro SD card (maybe an SD adapter/card reader needed or a spare 256GB HD used instead) in the receiver as sources. Remote control would ideally be via a spare Andriod tablet using the receiver's app; larger real estate of tablet over phone, easier on eyes.

*Ethernet would supply BBC Radio Player and Amazon Music/Spotify.

Ears too old for massive sound upgrade but would the above work and any receiver recommendations please?

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