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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_lyrics3
Last post by Blockdude -
The last update for this component was over a year ago but I am wondering if there are any plans or any possibility of an app for Android which shows lyrics I have saved locally on the phone (from foo_ui3_lyrics downloading combined with my fixing of offsets). The only lrc players I have found are for streaming lyrics or untimed lyrics downloading, not to mention a majority of my songs aren't in their database(s). One by the comp. creator would be great but any that do the job would be nice.
Yeah, lossless streaming does not make a whole lot of sense. The problem is that it's possible with pathological audio for lossless compression to actually inflate the data, so essentially there's no guarantee of compression. If the system can handle the max data rate possible, then what do you gain?

For that reason, most of the applications that consider WavPack are using the lossy mode (like the study I referenced above).

For maximum compression, the -hhx6 option gives you that. You could conceivably get slightly higher compression by increasing the block size, say back to the 1 second that 4.80 used (--blocksize=44100) and in fact you could do even better by actually using 4.80 which would eliminate the block checksum and a couple other bytes from every block. I wouldn't go that far though.... :)
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by splice -
Re "cantilever life": It's likely Atmasphere is referring to the elastic polymer ("rubber") block that supports the cantilever. In some cases, as it ages it can either turn to "goo" (the cantilever collapses and the cartridge scrapes the record), or harden (the compliance decreases, causing tracking problems). 
Damn.  Looks like the service provider for SC's site has totally lost the plot.  Now they don't even have a DNS entry.  
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by stephan_g -
It was my first LP digitizing session with my dad's USB turntable. I'm just glad I didn't destroy the record with that "trick".
Stylus covers tend to have a huge surface area when compared to a stylus and would only be riding on top of the surface anyway, so I wouldn't expect very much to be happening really.
Oh yeah, and I'm already violating all sense of "preservation" by using a USB turntable, and also recording at 48/16.
Could be worse. It could be one that's not only a cheap hollow plastic POS but only sampling at 22 kHz to boot! No kidding, those exist.

USB turntables are a convenience product, and as such manufacturers will be inclined to make them as cheaply as possible (see e.g. tea bags or fast food). The first ones also tended to be made by companies usually churning out novelty crap and the like rather than actual hi-fi makers. That's a solid basis for a bad reputation right there. Not to mention that you would have been able to pick up a decent hi-fi belt drive job from the '80s (maybe even a direct drive) plus a usable phonopre and acceptable USB soundcard for well under $100 US, too (and achieve much better results with that) - at least a few years ago.

We did decent vinyl rips 20 years ago in 16/44 on 16-bit ISA jobs, so who am I kidding, but if you don't feel like pushing your luck with the anti-alias filters on cheapie ADCs, I'd recommend using 96 kHz anyway (if available) and downsampling later if needed. Looking at e.g. some Realtek onboard chips, I've seen ADC responses that didn't drop appreciably until above fs/2, whereas good software resamplers are pretty much perfect - not to mention what seems to be high jitter in 44.1 kHz and multiples (manifesting itself in degraded SNR and apparent aliasing).
The distortion of the pickup is a big part of the problem. I understand why you want to deny it, but I know of no means to play records without one. Do you?

Yes. Lasers, right?  :D

Rather expensive, and I have a vague memory of someone telling me that, even though it looks like the ultimate toy for LP listeners, the results are not that good. Sorry, can't quote source on that. And I'm sure you know about the Japanese laser players.

Oh yes. the ELP  It was in such bad in need of post-transcription correction that for at least a while, it was sold with software to fix up the needle drops made with it. It turns out that a regular stylus distorts the groove and scrapes dirt away in beneficial ways.
Lots of new high end phones like most Samsung phones after the S5 lack the internal slot.
S7/S7 Edge, S8/S8+ all have microSD slots,

Correct. I mistakenly thought that since the s6 made the SD slot go away, it stayed away. Thanks for clarifying this.
I... guess so? Sorry, i'm not sure what you mean. I'm using the default UI and built-in playlist viewer, if that helps.
I'd get Redmi 4A - Notes are fairly large and more expensive.
It comes with OTG, so you can fire up say UAPP and use external DAC with it.
Xiaomi phones usually tops up at 0.55Vrms, not quite compelling value for full sized high-impedance headphones, likely due to EU volume limits.

However I'd advise going the Rockbox route, if you could get your hands on say Clip+ or Zip - I don't think anything for Android can match RB - even the most basic functions like transport controls are often not so well implemented in Android offerings (no Stop button, go to specific time, or Hanning FFT displays). Plus both Sansa DAPs have really good specs in terms of audio.

Also if you're aiming at 10 years of service life - I don't think phones can achieve that in regular use. Moisture and condensation being the issue here - after 5 years you're looking at systemboard-wide solder contamination if you take the device anywhere with you. Devices with IP67 certification could be exempt from this, but then the digitizer layer has limited lifespan too, completely glossing over the fact that you'd have to change the battery every so often (like 2-3 years).
In any case, your phone would be on life support after those 10 years (sic) if it survives.

Low-tech music devices (Panasonic portable CD players) are usually more rugged to withstand years of service, if you don't mind replacing the belt and oiling the reading head (but then who uses those :D [except for yours truly])
Just my 2c

What does rockbox mean and is there any Android app for that.