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Except £15 is a lot less than $50 :) Well built and will last along with all those other things don't come for £15.
Oops! My bad. I'd recommended it off the top of my head, without taking heed of this thread's higher price range.
Thanks for help. I don't know how to set this thread to solved and close it.

Yes, hex-editor shows the é character is in Latin 1. Whatever tool was used to tag it should be fixed.
Vinyl / Re: Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by ajinfla -
It's certainly not distortion.
Where was it in the original soundfield?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -
There will be an updated version shortly.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
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After the release of the JScript plugin version 2.0.1 I've updated the script text in accordance with the recommendations of Mark2k3.
The script works fine when I turn off theme in the layout. But if I choose light or dark themes all the images are shifted in the upper left corner of the window.
What should I do to fix this?
General - (fb2k) / Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion
Last post by ooops -
Hello everyone

Please tell me

My environment:
PC Windows 10 pro 64bit
Foobar 1.3.7
UPnP MediaRenderer output 1.0 beta 17 (foo_out_upnp)
Raspberry Pi 2 B with Volumio 2.348
ES9023 DAC (I2S connection)
STAX headphone Driver and Ear speaker

PC (foobar, foo_out_upnp)> LAN> Raspberry Pi (Volumio)> I2S > ES 9023 DAC> STAX

sound source:
Save downloaded sound file in PC

Playback test:
1, play with foobar, the output is the primary sound driver
2, using foo_out_upnp with foobar to play, output is upnp volumio
3, Play with Volumio (sound source file in PC as NAS)

Other than the test of 1, the equipment after raspberry Pi is the same.
It is the difference whether to play with foobar using foo_out_upnp or Volumio.

1, right and left from PC speaker, normal playback
2, the sound that the left and right were swapped was played from Ear speaker
3, Normal playback from the Ear speaker to the left and right

Only when playing with foobar using foo_out_upnp, it was played with the left and right phases reversed.
I installed Reverse stereo channels with foobar's settings, but I am not using it.

I tested with other sound sources Michael Jackson Thriller:

2, walking from the left to the right
3, walk from right to left

Is there anything I should review as a solution to these phenomena?
Thank you

Is it possible to tell which encoding is used in that file?
Nice find.
The FFT part of visualisation_manager code in foobar2000.exe still gets compiled with SSE - against the settings.
Possibly tied to being a single C file in a project where everything else is C++. Still, the properties say "No Enhanced Instructions (/arch:IA32)", so it's lying.

Follow up-
Apparently VS2017 generates SSE code regardless of settings if you have sin()+cos() in a chain.
This line is enough to trigger the bug-
static void bork(float * out) {out[0] = (float)cos(0);out[1] = (float)sin(0);}
Relevant command-line arguments:
/O2 or /Ox  ( no bug with /O1 )
/fp:fast  ( no bug with /fp:precise but it's slow that way )
General - (fb2k) / Re: My Foobar screenshot
Last post by askold -
The icons are cute. Do the thumbs up/down buttons progressively change the rating or is it a custom tag?
it changes the rating -1/+1