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Issue: Multiple entries of the same album


I have a problem whenever I am on album view. Some albums have multiple entries/images listed when there are different artists that worked on the same album. This makes it impossible to listen to a whole album that has this problem since all the songs are separated by their different artists even though it's all the same album.

Sorry if there is an easy solution to this but I wasn't able to find anything in the settings or online.

This is on foobar for android.

Thank you


Re: Issue: Multiple entries of the same album

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Sorry if there is an easy solution to this...

Don't worry mate, seems to me there is—I believe you have tagged multiple artists (the 'ARTIST' field) but left the Album Artist field ('ALBUM ARTIST') blank. In foobar2k, you need to tag albums—with multiple artists—with the same album artist or it'll get split like you've described.