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General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?
Last post by zeremy -
The "concept" is to display only what is needed , and be able to access the Preferences Window only by entering a password as to "protect" any guest from modifying the layout.

The Context menu selections can be selected in the Preferences Window (Display > Context Menu).  - this is where I disabled the Properties option among others.
Be aware though that if you press the Shift Key ,this option is overridden and you are presented with the full expanded context menu.
There is no way to make it "read only" - you should hide it.
Consider using the JScript Properties script that is included in the samples that doesn't let you make any modifications to the files.

And also hide the File menu. Imagine a guest opening e.g Add Files... and selecting the files in the selection box and pressing delete..... 

Also remove any keyboard shortcuts that could compromise the "safe mode".

AAC - General / Re: Open Source Fraunhofer AAC Encoder (fdk-aac)
Last post by nu774 - :

An AAC patent license is needed by manufacturers or developers of end-user encoder and/or decoder products.

No. License fees are due on the sale of encoders and/or decoders only. There are no patent license fees due for the distribution of bit-streams encoded in AAC, whether such bit-streams are broadcast, streamed over a network, or provided on physical media.

It looks unclear to me whether the AAC patent license is required to freely distribute encoder and/or decoder product.
The second answer says "license fees are due on the sale of…".
So, what if you don't make money out of it?  You need license, but you don't need to pay license fees?

I've decided not to distribute fdk-aac binary myself because of this uncertainty and also because I know the history of MP3 patent troubles, but it's just my thought.

Anyway, there are Linux distros that distribute fdk-aac in the form of binary package, and I don't think they are paying license fees.
General Audio / Re: Upscaling MP3 to DSD
Last post by BrilliantBob -
Upscaling MP3 to DSD make nonsense to me

I usually record vinyls in DSD 5.6 Mhz 1bit format and then I convert it with TEAC/TASCAM Hi-Res Editor to WAV 192/32bit float to have the sound as analogue as possible and to make further optimizations with Adobe Audition 3.0 (denoise, remove clicks and crackles, Bass, Mid, Treble calibration, compression, normalization,...). Then, I use this 192/32bit wav "master tape" for archiving (wavpack) and for convert it to 48/32float WAV for auditions or for smartphone HQ mp3s. These are my best results so far and listening music from my PC or phone prolong the lifetime of my vinyls and the TT cartridge.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by mjm716 -
dear hydrogenaudio community, help me please

how can i leave in field DISCOGS_FORMAT only - 7'' or LP or CD or Cassette ? Only one value

Please help me

assuming it is not a multiple value field, you can:
select the files > get properties
right-click DISCOGS_FORMAT > Format from other fields...
pattern: $if($strstr(%title%,'7"'),'7"')$if($strstr(%title%,CD),CD)$if($strstr(%title%,LP),LP)$if($strstr(%title%,Cassette),Cassette)
Support - (fb2k) / Re: playlists (I mean bug)
Last post by kode54 -
There is no way to represent multiple subsongs in M3U or PLS formats. And representing them as just one entry for the entire set is also wrong, since it discards the original track order, however the user may have arranged them in the player.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: To wishlist: foobar2000 graph builder plugin?
Last post by jazzthieve -
Sure that's possible, all date is stored in an sqlite database so the graphs are produced using sql. This is the query for the graph in the image:
Code: [Select]
query = '\"SELECT SUM(PC) AS GL4B_COUNT, GL4B, PC FROM fingerprint WHERE '+dateRangeSqlStr+'  AND PC > 0 GROUP BY GL4B_ID ORDER BY GL4B_COUNT DESC LIMIT '+limit+';\"';

It's best you're a bit familiar with javascript used on wsh/js panel and know sql because it's all done in the code. No easy graph builder or anything like that. Frankly I'm hoping more someone with coding skills take a look at this, get some ideas from it and could revamp it. This graph panel here is far superior to what offers with its graphs. I can make (almost) any kind of chart I can think of with any kind of combination of data. And over 10 years worth of data is lots and lots of data to play with.

Edit: forgot to mention, this has nothing to do with facets or any other foobar2000 component. This is just old wsh_panel_mod using FB1.4. I do however use text_tools when I want to re-import the entire database (I'm constantly updating tags and data is only updated when played). Also using DB Browser for SQLite to access the database independently and test queries, and using firefox SQLite manager for the actual import.
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