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Topic: Version 1.2.22: Unable to download/sync from Asset UPnP instance (Read 66 times) previous topic - next topic
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Version 1.2.22: Unable to download/sync from Asset UPnP instance


foobar2000's recent 1.2.22 update has broken UPnP download from my Asset UPnP instance. I tap download after long-pressing an album cover and the screen does not advance to the FLAC/PCM selection and download screen. Streaming is unaffected.

Is this a bug or do I have to do something with my Asset instance in order for this functionality to be restored? I only ask this as the release notes mention a reconfiguration of TuneFusion which is another Illustrate product built for downloading audio from servers

I hope that Illustrate aren't attempting to steer Asset customers into TuneFusion purchases in order to sync their Asset files to their devices.

Naturally I'd appreciate any tips for fixing this or recommendations for alternative server software from the community.

Re: Version 1.2.22: Unable to download/sync from Asset UPnP instance

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I can reproduce that bug. Streaming works.
Version: foobar2000 mobile 1.2.22
OS: iOS 14.4.2
UPnP Server: minimserver

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