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Topic: Playlist Organizer - foo_plorg (foobar2000 - 2.0 - 32bit) not working (Read 183 times) previous topic - next topic
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Playlist Organizer - foo_plorg (foobar2000 - 2.0 - 32bit) not working

Playlist Organizer - foo_plorg does not work with foobar2000 2.0.
(foobar2000 - 32bit).


Re: Playlist Organizer - foo_plorg (foobar2000 - 2.0 - 32bit) not working

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foo_plorg is totally broken in v2 and will produce crashes in v1.6. Look for a replacement using JSP or SMP.,123820.175.html

Can we delete the component at some point from the web or is this situation supposed to continue forever? At least, please, someone which can edit it could clearly indicate foo_plorg is broken in its component page.The current situation makes zero sense, this has been reported since 2022 and it has been warned multiple times what would happen with V2...