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Scientific Discussion / Re: FLAC vs. 320 VBR AAC - For OLD People
Last post by ThaCrip -
Lol. My speakers are the Klipsch ProMedia as well.  Great speakers!!


I think for their price range, call it about $140, I can't imagine finding speakers better overall (at least not noticeably better). or another way ill put it... even assuming there are better speakers, if the price range is double or triple, ill default to Klipsch at that point since the difference almost surely won't justify the price difference. they are the best speakers I own/use straight up. I like their clarity as while I generally watch movies on my TV, that's one obvious advantage of watching them on my PC is the sound which is clearly better on the Klipsch than a TV. but since I generally favor a larger image I tend to watch movies on my TV with the basic speakers built into the TV itself. but occasionally ill watch some stuff on the PC's 24" 1080p screen and get a added bonus of better sound with the Klipsch.

I have the four speaker setup on mine as I got mine back-in-the-day (i.e. early-to-mid 2000's) but it seems like they only sell the 2.1 speaker setup now as you can see the ones you can still buy have a basic volume knob and subwoofer control (along with a headphone jack etc which mine does not have) where as on mine it has Subwoofer/Surround/Main volume knobs. since I have not used the 4 speaker/surround setup in many years (probably since sometime before 2006) I just leave that 'Surround' knob all the way down (towards the left) as I only had 2 speakers of the four in use since then (just 2 of the 4 speakers are connected). my only complaint about my current speakers, which have quite a bit of use on them, is the wiring as you can see just moving the sub woofer a bit can tweak the wires (like a bit of pressure etc) to where sound can slightly go out a bit on the left speaker etc. but this is not that big of a deal as I am used to it (it's been like that for many years now) as I just juke/move the sub woofer (which has the main wire connected to it etc) a bit and the sound comes back in like normal (like as long as the sub does not get moved much(since it sits near my feet) the sound will remain normal).

also, since there is no power switch on these Klipsch Pro-Media speakers I have, I got it plugged into one of those power center things as it's got a on/off switch which is basically like unplugging the speakers and plugging them back in.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Text, Album Info, Picture.
Last post by lender1257 -
Thank you MordredKLB for your contribution.
I thought I was the only one getting this message.
But I couldn't find anything about it in the forum.

The test with bio_test(1) gives me almost the same result as yours.

I also just want fb to run (again) without stalling and without messages.
I am only a user and have been using fb since version 0.83 (2004 ?), with various plugins. And without any problems - great work by all involved.

I hope that this problem will also be solved.

With kind regards
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_sql_tree
Last post by fbuser -
Maybe i'm not using it the right way.
Yes  ;D, but the help needs to be more specific here.

ExecuteSQL is just executing the batch part of the node in the background, nothing more. If you want to have the tree populated without any further action, you don't need the click action at all. Just right click on the node and select "Refresh".
Digital A/V News / Re: Audacity will spy you
Last post by mudlord -
Which is exactly why some people prefer Open Source - to see (and, potentially, modify) what is sent where. It amuses me that, while HA runs on a free forum software, true freedom is seen as dead and buried by its team.

As long as I have the choice between having my data sent to Google and not having my data sent to Google, I'll choose the latter.

Okay, while you are at it:

* Detach from the modern world
* Go entirely off grid
* Live off the land
* Do away with society entirely.

Than you can be 100% Free. Then you will not have to worry about CPU microcode being copyrighted. Or anyone spying at all. Could be fun!

There may be a half way point here mate. Also, this is clearly an informed user telling us that the program he uses is no longer suitable for his requirements. I don't see why we can't respect that.

And I think its pretty hyperbolic of him to say that if I don't mind telemetry, I should avoid FOSS.

Which is a BS statement. There are many other reasons to release code under FOSS than just to satiate people's concerns about privacy. I know I have my own reasons for opening my source code to things I do, none of which are related to privacy or even FOSS evangelism.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: duration and time progress bar not existing for aac files
Last post by MojoBass -
Just in case you want to convert within foobar: I am using the following with foo_run to create a m4a file at the location of the aac file and remove the aac file
Code: [Select]
cmd /c start "1" "cmd.exe" /k ffmpeg -i "%_path%" -acodec copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -y "$replace(%_path%,%_filename_ext%,)%_filename%.m4a" & ping -n 2>nul &cmd /c start "2" "cmd.exe" /k del "%_path%"
Works with foo__run only for one file each, but can probably be extended straight-forward to mass-usage with foo_run_group
General - (fb2k) / Re: Track Order???
Last post by 2tec -
I'll say thanks to the two people who offered some constructive help and wish everyone an enormously relieved goodbye.
You're most welcome.

It's all too easy to be overly-sensitive or overly critical. However I'm inclined to side with a new user who had no idea of how brutally honest this forum can sometimes be. While I appreciate the fact that many people here have contributed so much, it seems a shame that we sometimes discourage those who also share our interests and might contribute something themselves someday.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: duration and time progress bar not existing for aac files
Last post by sveakul -
Following up on j7n's wise suggestion, you can also use ffmpeg to losslessly wrap the AAC's into a M4A container, where they can then be read properly and easily tagged.  If you open a command window in the folder with the AAC's, the following command will do that for all of them;  the originals will be kept.  Change the path for ffmpeg.exe to match yours.

Code: [Select]
FOR %F IN (*.aac) DO C:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe -i "%F" -codec copy "%~nF.m4a"

If you prefer using Mp4box.exe use this line with the same caveats:

Code: [Select]
FOR %F IN (*.aac) DO "C:\mp4box\mp4box.exe" -add "%F" "%~nF.m4a" -new

The Mp4box example assumes its needed dependencies are also in the same folder as the exe.
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