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Should I fix offsets even if ripped correctly

I have a few CDs from non-famous artists. Some have 1 or 2 entries in the AccurateRip database. And those entries are agree with my rips with an offset of e.g. 667 samples. I am sure my drive offset is set correctly. Now, I suspect there are two reasons:

1. this user did not set their offset correctly (it happens with more famous CD, too, but 1 or 2 incorrect offsets don't matter compared to 200 correct ones)
2. those bands with their low-budget production simply burn the CDs with private CD players which have different offsets which don't agree. We could call that a different "pressing".

My question: Should I (a) keep the FLAC file from my CD as it is or (b) fix the offset by 667 samples to match the one entry in the database.

This is probably a matter of taste but do you have any recommendations or reasons for (a) or (b)?

Best, Michael


Re: Should I fix offsets even if ripped correctly

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It is a matter of preference.
AccurateRip ignores the first 2939 and the last 2940 samples of the CD Image.

a) keep it
  • If the rip verifies as accurate even at a different offset, it is accurate, why change it?
  • Fixing the offset will delete samples from one end of the Image and pad null samples to the other
  • If you fix the offset the CRC32 hashes for Image/Tracks will be different than those shown in the extraction log
b) fix it
  • Fixing the offset will remove/pad less than 0.02 seconds of audio (667 samples) from an area of the first/last track that is probably inaudible anyway
  • AccurateRip may show higher numbers at the new offset