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Crossmix DSP

I have installed this plugin.

I have noticed that at the end of the last sequential track of a playlist, there are a number of anomalous noises at the end.

Re: Crossmix DSP

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I don't see anything wrong in the sources, At the end of playback all buffered samples should just be played out.

I tried creating a few playlists from different albums and played the last two or three tracks of these with the Default playback mode. I failed to replicate the noise bug, playback just ended smoothly.

Would you kindly confirm if the bug requires some special settings to replicate? Or special input.

Re: Crossmix DSP

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I did some tests.

The problem seems to be related to the [exclusive] mode, both with the default sound card and with the dac.

By removing the [exclusive] mode, the problem does not arise.


Re: Crossmix DSP

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Thank you. This turned out to be a problem in foobar's output code and should be fixed for the next build.
For now you can circumvent it by enabling the smooth fader in the output config.

Re: Crossmix DSP

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Fixed in the freshly released v2.1 preview.

Re: Crossmix DSP

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