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Topic: [bug][iOS] Various issues with m3u files over the network (Read 187 times) previous topic - next topic
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[bug][iOS] Various issues with m3u files over the network

Only tested on the iOS version of the app. My playlist looks like this:

#EXTINF:-1, artist - song 1
#EXTINF:-1, artist - song 2
#EXTINF:-1, Continue

There are two issues I've observed:

1. Player assumes that the items in the playlist have a relative URL
For the player to start media playback, I had to convert all of the items to a relative URL.

2. Player only plays the first item of the continuation playlist
The player successfully loads and plays the first item of, but then it fails to play subsequent items.

Re: [bug][iOS] Various issues with m3u files over the network

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Here are a couple of playlists that can be used for testing purposes, which fail to play on the iOS version of fb2k:

Absolute path:
Continuation playlist:
Recursive playlist:

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