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Rating (id3v2 tagging at the same time) tracks

I got to go through a lot of music for this little project of mine. I want to make 2 maybe 3 90mins long digital mixtapes (it's more complicated than creating a playlist, and even then, yes it would help, but I need to refresh my memory), I want to make a video mixtape of 90's only material from a genre and a few relevant substyles (punk, hardcore punk, thrash, metalcore) and I've been into this kind of music since I turned 13, so I've got A LOT of stuff from the 90's, there's obvious tracks I want to put in there, but I've been buying and downloading music since I got cable modem in 98, nowadays, if I don't have something in flac and only in mp3 format, it's very rare material. I don't recall all of my fav songs that could fill 2 or 3 times 90 minute mixtapes, so I got a lot of re-listening to do, so I got a huge collection, mostly flacs.

I found a custom code for a Rating column ($pad($repeat(★,$meta(rating)), 5,✩)....but I don't think it works, it does add the column in the choices, adds 5 squares for the 1-5 star system used widely with id3v2. But i can't click say the third box for a 3 rating, it doesn't do anything when I click on it. Plus, I have those ratings to become inserted in the id3v2 tag when I do it, like Banshee does (I use Linux Mint Debian Edition 4, dual-booted until win7 croaked, so I don't have that easy star rating win7 detected within media folders). I don't want to be adding RATING identifiers through kd3-tag for every song I listen to that doesn't already have it, I'm gonna be listening to whole albums I haven't listened to in years and even a decade+, not because I don't like them, but there's just so much one can listen to, I tend to get into 3-4 album streaks that last a few months then change, I'm not a singles person, I listen to whole albums and I get to know what songs are the best to me/stick even through time etc...but having cable internet that early, then a faster DSL, then back to cable and an even faster connection and now FTTH fibre service...I've downloaded (and bought a bunch too, all of my many, many, many CD's have been ripped to FLAC and metaflac used to add replaygain to albums.

I need a plugin, or a code that will do what Banshee does when you rate songs, from the included Rating column one can add if they so desire when it's ready. But I got frustrated with Banshee not playing RG as good as Rhythmbox and now fb2k obviously, which takes the cake, but it shows it's a windows program. Installed through snap, didn't install wine or CrossOver 17...I dunno if CrossOver 17 would be too old by now.

I love fb2k for the true sound I get out of my perfect flacs and how it can enhance even crappy 160kbps mp3's with RG, but man, I didn't expect to go back to using script similar to IRC clients and for this to be that complicated. It shows it's a Windows program first, heh, despite all its advantages.

What can I do? If there was a simple plugin, that'd be amazing, but I looked, a lot, and I can only find code made by other people that don't seem to work, whether its because its program within wine within a snap that it's being difficult, or I missed something obvious. I want to instantly rate song files and the rating to get added to id3v2 (creating the RATING identifier too, of course, it's not there by default, kd3-tag allows me to add data of any kind of any name, but I won't be doing this using 2 programs and where I would need to create the RATING inside the tag before being able to do so. Banshee and, I remember Winamp, the last 5.666 version I used until win7 died, being able to do it, surely it can be done under my circumstances?

(sorry for the length, but it's clearer than posing incomplete questions and add more and more parameters I need as people suggest things that do not work for me; somewhere else somebody told me to use File Explorer....they didn't read the part where I said I'm not using windows  ::)

Re: Rating (id3v2 tagging at the same time) tracks

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Hi there,

If SimPlaylist (DUI) works on Linux, you could use that - add the built-in Rating column and just click stars in the playlist.

You could also make toolbar buttons to set ratings using Quick Tagger component to write directly to RATING tag.

(Sorry I'm not familiar enough with that Linux OS, maybe someone else can confirm what exactly works? At least these certainly work in Windows)