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Re: foo_youtube

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Hi, same problem here.
it is a youtube-dl issue apparently :
there is a youtube-dl fork using the same syntax : yt-dlp
some people said this one work fine, I'm trying to use it with foo_youtube.
no succes for know, but I dont really know what I'm doing.
Can someone help us with this please ?
Thanks a lot.

Re: foo_youtube

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yt-dlp it didn't help me  :(
YouTube Music

Re: foo_youtube

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I am having major issues with adding tags to larger (>1000 tracks) playlists of youtube links, even with 'very clean' foobar config (fb 1.6.7, foo_yt 3.7.2 only, portable): Usually fb crashes without report, in rare occations when a report is generated, it points to foo_youtube and input_entry::g_open_for_info_write (see attached).
Instability seems to be caused by youtube-dl (which has not been updated since June 6th), switching to yt-dlp brings full stability in my case (so far). It is included as external binary at File/Preferences/Tools/Youtube Source/Maintanance.
@3dyd: any plans to set yt-dlp as standard in foo_youtube?

Re: foo_youtube

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Instability seems to be caused by youtube-dl (which has not been updated since June 6th), switching to yt-dlp brings full stability in my case (so far).
Just some words on what I am trying to do here at all:
My target was to play (e.g. randomly) large playlists of youtube tracks (coming from wherever) with crossfade (20s) and skipping the beginning of the track plus limiting max track length. For the latter I use foo_skip, typical tagging is -30;3:00- applied to all tracks of the playlist. Reason for this are the 'video story' sequences at the beginning of many youtube tracks not containing 'real music', which I want to skip. Youtube tracks can be arbitrary, containing 'normal' tracks, tracks which can only be played by youtube-dl/yt-dlp, and tracks which can not be played at all due to not available any more or age restrictions etc, which should be skipped without stopping/crashing.

1. Tagging:
For the tracks which can only be played via youtube-dl/yt-dlp, tagging of these requires youtube-dl/yt-dlp to be activated. If this is not the case, foobar still shows the new tags, however tags are not persisted as the youtube link can not be opened (which is unfortunately not notified). When playing the track, the tag is removed, see here. As mentioned above, tagging of larger playlists is only stable with yt-dlp, using youtube-dl leads to crashes on my side.

2. Playing
The only stable configuration I found for above requirements is as follows (of course there could be others I did not test over hours):
- Components: yt1.6.8b3 portable, foo_youtube3.7.2, foo_skip 1.34. No other components!
- foo_youtube: youtube-dl not used, include yt-dlp as external binary (see above). 'Prefer youtube-dl over internal analyzer' not selected
- DSP: 1. Skip Track; 2. Resampler (needed for crossfading between different sample rates); 3. Crossfader (20s)
- max buffer length (30s)
Additionally I use ReplayGain to normalize volumes

Things still open:
- it is a absolutely clean layout, far away from my standard layout with CUI, PSS, SMP, JSP, foo_out_upnp,... which I would prefer but is not stable for this use case. Of course I could stepwise find out where instability starts - but for now I am just happy that it works at all...
- for tracks not available, crossfading fails when jumping to next available track giving a 'hard' handover to next playable track. As this is probably difficult to cure, a tool for indentifying/removing unplayable tracks would be great

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