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MPC / Re: Do Musepack's inherent fast decoding speeds still mean anything?
Last post by magicgoose -
I don't think it means anything now. Opus decoding is a lot cheaper on battery than virtually everything the phone has to do at the same time.
I used MPC for phone listening, then switched to Opus, and didn't notice any difference in terms of battery time.

Perhaps there could be some noticeable difference if I didn't have google apps on my phone and also always kept it in airplane mode, and didn't use any DSP effects in the player, and didn't touch it to see what's playing/to switch tracks/etc. But I never bothered to test a scenario which is not close to how I will use it in practice as this is practically pointless.
MPC / Do Musepack's inherently fast decoding speeds still mean anything?
Last post by includemeout -
SQ discussions apart, and as the title says, I wonder, at this day and age of major smart phone usage when it comes to portable listening (where obviously, music playback represents only a fraction of drained battery juices) whether Musepack's reportedly fast decoding speeds still hold a candle against other lossy CODECs in that department and, if that's still something worth taking into consideration.

Along with other opinions, I'd also like to hear those from people who, like me, still use it occasionally - not necessarily exclusively - when lossily enconding for, say, Android devices.
Support - (fb2k) / Request: Remember Equalizer settings on exit even when it is disabled
Last post by countach -

This "issue" is going on since always. You enable the eq, define some settigns... disable equalizer for some reasion, exit foobar, run it again and the settings are lost.

This is very annoying because, in my case, I use to have various listening modes: speakers or headphones, for example. Headphones (Etys ER4P) need a litte bit of tweak (mostly lower the 5 Khz band and raise some lows), but speakers doesn't need that.

So when listening with speakers, I simply disable de equalizer. When pluggin the earphones, I enable it.

But if I restart the app in "speakers mode" (eq disabled), the curve is lost, so I have to recreate it again or load the settings file, and I know that this is some sort of first world problem thing, but it will be great to simply make foobar remember the eq settings at exit even if it is disabled.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by vlad26 -
assuming it is not a multiple value field, you can:
select the files > get properties
right-click DISCOGS_FORMAT > Format from other fields...
pattern: $if($strstr(%title%,'7"'),'7"')$if($strstr(%title%,CD),CD)$if($strstr(%title%,LP),LP)$if($strstr(%title%,Cassette),Cassette)

thanks for the reply! but i meant , how to compose mapping for %DISCOGS_FORMAT% to leave only one value:

7'' or LP or CD or Cassette


currently mapping is next:
$zip2($multi_if($multi_greater(%<RELEASE_FORMATS_QUANTITY>%,1),$zip(%<RELEASE_FORMATS_QUANTITY>%,' x '),),%<RELEASE_FORMATS_NAME>%,$multi_if($put(D,$join(%<<RELEASE_FORMATS_DESCRIPTIONS>>%)),', ',),$get(D),$multi_if($put(T,%<RELEASE_FORMATS_TEXT>%),', ',),$multi_if2($get(T),))

so the result is:
CD, Album or Vinyl, LP, Multicolor etc.

I need to leave only one value: CD or LP or 7'' or Caseette
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?
Last post by zeremy -
The "concept" is to display only what is needed , and be able to access the Preferences Window only by entering a password as to "protect" any guest from modifying the layout.

The Context menu selections can be selected in the Preferences Window (Display > Context Menu).  - this is where I disabled the Properties option among others.
Be aware though that if you press the Shift Key ,this option is overridden and you are presented with the full expanded context menu.
There is no way to make it "read only" - you should hide it.
Consider using the JScript Properties script that is included in the samples that doesn't let you make any modifications to the files.

And also hide the File menu. Imagine a guest opening e.g Add Files... and selecting the files in the selection box and pressing delete..... 

Also remove any keyboard shortcuts that could compromise the "safe mode".

AAC - General / Re: Open Source Fraunhofer AAC Encoder (fdk-aac)
Last post by nu774 - :

An AAC patent license is needed by manufacturers or developers of end-user encoder and/or decoder products.

No. License fees are due on the sale of encoders and/or decoders only. There are no patent license fees due for the distribution of bit-streams encoded in AAC, whether such bit-streams are broadcast, streamed over a network, or provided on physical media.

It looks unclear to me whether the AAC patent license is required to freely distribute encoder and/or decoder product.
The second answer says "license fees are due on the sale of…".
So, what if you don't make money out of it?  You need license, but you don't need to pay license fees?

I've decided not to distribute fdk-aac binary myself because of this uncertainty and also because I know the history of MP3 patent troubles, but it's just my thought.

Anyway, there are Linux distros that distribute fdk-aac in the form of binary package, and I don't think they are paying license fees.
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