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Re: foo_midi

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Apparently, you couldn't wait to create facts? I don't understand why you don't seek dialog first. I was trying to help and build some bridges...

Well, while you are at it you overlooked removing this from the foo_midi component page:
Code: [Select]
It also supports Ian Luck's wonderful BASSMIDI SoundFont (.sf2) based synthesizer, including bundled support
for his .sf2pack format, which is nearly identical to the basic .sf2 format, except the file identifier is "sfpk"
instead of "sfbk", and the audio section of the file is a compressed format supported by BASS that also supports
seeking, as it decodes the samples as they are referenced by the MIDI files. The compressed format is identified
only by its bitstream properties. BASS includes support for MP3 and Ogg Vorbis samples, while plugins are bundled
to support FLAC, WavPack, Musepack, and Opus format samples.

Re: foo_midi

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Bring us back in_midi by Peter  :))

Keep calm!

Re: foo_midi

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I was made aware that any application asking for donations within the app, even if it doesn't provide any extra features, but I do (adding your name in the credits if you have been a Patreon subscriber), then I would need to seek at least a Shareware license of BASS for each product that I offer, and at most ever accept €40 from a given person. I have already violated these terms enough times, yet never managed to hold on to a minimum of €125 for Cog, and another €125 for foo_midi.

So, I am now in the process of switching all of my MIDI synthesizers from BASSMIDI to FluidSynth. I will be attempting to support compressed audio streams for sf2pack files as well, but that will come later. The compressed audio support should be simple enough to support, at least in foobar, and probably also in Cog.
That's truly a sad news. Now non-GM MIDI files are completely screwed up. Even with GM files the 7-point interpolation is producing horrible artifacts or obvious frequency response change in some files. I think I will stay with the previous version of foo_midi forever, just like I am still using your old version of BASSMIDI driver.


Re: foo_midi

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Good. I don't really maintain foobar plugins that much any more anyway. Maybe someone else should take over, and remove all traces of the Patreon credits.

Re: foo_midi

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Anyway, reading from many previous posts complained about virus, limitations of sf2 standard (e.g. MSB and LSB patches cannot coexist), malformed MIDI files... I did post some files but that's because the issues were specific to foo_midi, and I did not report files which are also problemtic for some other popular sequencers like Cakewalk, Reaper and such.

And secret sauce. I have an SC-D70 and I must say Roland sucked, and sucks, you rock. That SC-VA is piece of crap.

I am totally impressed that you even took that HALion request seriously, and added non-standard loop point support though I have no use of them.

Basically, I was totally happy with foo_midi, especially when 16 point interpolation was added and some GS/XG specific commands were added. These are not supported in your old BASSMIDI driver. I did try OmniMIDI but it just can't replace your stuff. A big "thank you" I must say, and respect your decisions.

Re: foo_midi

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Oh well. Kind of too late now, since I don't think I'll be reversing this decision.

Edit: The source still supports it, so if someone wants to make a fork that supports it, the license permits that.

Re: foo_midi

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Oh well, you kinda seemed rushed when you went ahead removing BASS altogether. I strongly doubt anyone is going to pick it up and reinstate BASS into a fork of foo_midi. So I hope you will reconsider your decision. It would be sad to see BASS be gone forever.

Anyway, I would suggest keeping FluidSynth implemented as is and add back BASS so that you have two independent MIDI synthesizer solutions to choose from. Maybe put each synthesizer into its own subfolder, so the files are structurally more organized and distinguishable. This layout would provide you with flexibility and freedom, should any future circumstances require you to make a similar decision again, which of course I hope will not happen.

Re: foo_midi

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I cannot make folders for the dependencies, as they're loaded on component load, so they have to be in the same folder as it.

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