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Public Listening Test [2010]

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Alex, thanks for your interest and the Matlab code.

What kind of artifacts could be missed? Excluding stereo issues I can only imagine a very far fetched example.

Yes, I was thinking of stereo issues. Things like BMLDs and the following.

Let's say you have a near-center-panned stereo item (left and right are almost identical), and the encoder makes one channel 0.5 dB too loud and the other 0.5 dB too quiet. If you ABX per-channel against the corresponding original channel, the channel level difference (CLD) is 0.5 dB, and in the absence of other coding artifacts, that channel is most likely transparent. If you downmix left and right coded channel into one, and downmix left and right original channel into another, and ABX the downmixes, they have a CLD near 0 dB, and thus the coded downmix will also be transparent in the absence of other artifacts. But the CLD between the coded channels is 1 dB, and if you ABX this stereo decoding non-simultaneously against the original near-mono stereo recording on good headphones (as proposed by me), the difference will be audible.

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Public Listening Test [2010]

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Just a quick info. The FAAD 2.7 binaries on RareWarez (Win32) and post # 295 of this thread (MacOS) have been updated to fix a relatively rare PNS-related decoding bug. This doesn't affect decoding of the bitstreams for this test, though (decoding is bit-identical), but it's good to see this was fixed anyway.

Thanks again to Menno, John, and Nao for their help!

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Public Listening Test [2010]

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I should inform that I have no spare time to organize the test.

My apologies to HA community.

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