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The relationship between perceived quality and loudness! thanks

As we know, loudness is an important audio index for human perception. Is there anyone studied the relationship between quality distortion and the loudness? I mean, if the same objective distortion happened on the different audios (or segments) with different loudness, then, is there some difference between the perceived qualities of these two audios (or segments)?

I guess the loudness should influence the perceived quality of same distortion, and for the very low and very high loudness, such influence maybe not very great, but with ordinary loudness, perhaps the perceived distortion will increase following the loudness.

This is just my guess, anybody can help me to study it? Or could you please give me some advice and references?

Thank you very much, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The relationship between perceived quality and loudness! thanks

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That is a fascinating question. I think it might be worthy of the auditory mailing list...

(search the message archives there first)


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