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Rhapsody v. Urge Streaming Listening Test

I think a discussion of user preferences between Rhapsody and Urge streaming audio would be interesting. However, I notice that the forum rules prohibit making subjective comparisons without backing them up with a double blind test.

What procedure could one use to do this and comply with the forum rules?

Rhapsody v. Urge Streaming Listening Test

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It'll be kind of hard to do unless you can somehow capture the same section of music encoded both ways.  But if you can, capture a number of music snippets to wav both ways and then use abchr-java to compare.

Rhapsody v. Urge Streaming Listening Test

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Urge shows as
Windows Media Audio 9 128 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo 2-pass CBR
and I'd be surprised if they do any special processing at that rate.  I'm not sure why they would use 2-pass with CBR.

I don't know what Real uses for Rhapsody.

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