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Initial release of the RateIt tool for performing MUSHRA listening tes

I'd like to announce the first public release of RateIt under the open-source GPL and MPL licenses. RateIt is a GUI tool for performing subjective evaluation of audio samples based on the MUltiple Stimuli with Hidden Reference and Anchor (MUSHRA) methodology as specified in ITU-R recommendation BS.1534-1.

While it is currently written for MUSHRA tests, RateIt is written with C and libglade, which means it should be easy to customize to other types of evaluation. It has been written for Linux, but should work on other UNIX platforms and shouldn't be too hard to port to other platforms like Windows.

I have tried implementing RateIt to be as close as possible to recommendation BS.1534-1 and I'm interested in feedback, bugfixes, or improvements. For the lazy ones, here's a screenshot. Last note: sound playback currently requires the "sox" package (libsndfile support planned), otherwise you won't be able to hear anything.

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